Chapter 12: Mods and Rockers.

 Teddy Boys……… Something should be said here about Teddy Boys and Teddy boy suits which were all the rage in my early teens. The Teds were a London subculture starting in and around the 1950s. The culture spread around the UK and when in the early-mid ’50s rock and roll took hold, Rock and Roll was the music of choice. With the likes of Bill Hayley and the Comets and of course Elvis Presley. 

Many of Bill Hayleys big hits are still engraved in my head. Like,” Razzle Dazzle”,  ” See You later Aligator” ” Shake Rattle and Roll”, and of course his biggest hit ” Rock Around the Clock”.

Elvis on the other hand, had the likes of” Blue Suede  Shoes” and” Heartbreak Hotel” ” I want you I need you I love you” to name just a few. After the early years of Elvis, his songs changed to suit little old ladies no wonder he put on weight and died. Of the two I always felt that Bill Haley was the ” Father Of Rock and Roll “.

Gene Vincent of Be Bop-A-Lula fame is another rock and roller that springs to mind. I saw him live at the Kilburn Gaumont State theatre 16th. May 1961. Vincent was one of the big influences on the Beatles.

 We were dancing to a live band when I spied this slimmish looking man walking tho’ the dancers on the dance floor. He was wearing a long straight grey overcoat, he was wearing the teddy boy hairstyle hairdo. I watched him get up on the side of the stage and disappear behind the side curtains. 

When it was his turn to do his thing, there he was in an all-leather outfit. I noticed that he had a problem with one of his legs because he held it slightly out to the side. He was there to sing his biggest hit Be Bop-A-Lula and he was just like his record. I used to play this and the other side to his record Woman Love.

Gene Vincent

 There is some debate about Vincent’s leg. It was rumoured that it was a motorcycle injury and the surgeon wanted to remove it, but he refused to let him do so. So he was in pain with his leg problem for the rest of his life and had to wear a steel plate around or on it.Vincent died from a ruptured stomach ulcer in 1971. A way inglorious way to go. But his name and music live on.

Just to touch on the TeddyBoy culture again here is the unofficial dress code of the Ted’s.       Before the Mod look there was in England the Teddy Boy look, which meant the following, tight jeans They would be around 8” around the bottom Some time there was luminous socks Like lime green topped off with black sued Chucker boots with 2-inch thick crepe soles. We wore shirts with cutaway collars highlighted with a bootlace tie. The jacket length was down to the knuckles of the hand. Some Teds ( as they were called ) wore houndstooth suits highlighted with black velvet collars and black velvet flaps on the pockets

 Some of the Teddy Boys carried bicycle chains knuckle dusters and razor blades. They just wanted to get into fights, usually with Teddy Boys from other districts or areas. They were just plain out and out thugs. Most Teddy Boys of the time just liked the fashion.  

Mods…….When the Mod fashion arrived on the scene there seemed to be a line drawn in the sand Teddy Boys did not like the “ Mod ‘ and visa versa so if they ever met there was the likely hood of a punch up.

 The Teddy boy hairstyle was as follows. The sides are swept back and they met at the back of the head in a DA, Ducks Arse. And sideburns in front of the ears. All topped off with a curly quaff on the front. The film star Tony Curtis and his hair cut was a classic example of a Teddy Boys hairdo.

  It was around 57- 58 that the Mod style and unofficial dress code came on the scene.

 Mod is a subculture that began in London in 1958 and spread throughout England. So, maybe I was one of the originals. We would go to the Lyceum dance hall which is in the Strand.  Which is in central London. all dressed up in our Mod gear, and dance to the latest pop records.

A group of ” Mods” on their scooters, Looking like there on their way to either a trip to the coast or a dance club.


The Mod culture eventually spread to Europe somewhat. and continues today on a smaller scale. Mods focused on music and fashion, the subculture has its roots in a small group of stylish London -based young teenage lads in the late 1950’s. ( Me !?)



     A 1959 Lambretta scooter my one was exactly like this.

      The scooters of the day were either a Lambretta or a Vesper. there was the Lambretta Li150. or the 175.     The Vesper was either a plainVesper or a Vesper GT which most Mods had. my Lambretta was one of the fastest scooters around bar nobody 

Like I explained earlier; In 1954 Dennis and I started to get suits that were tailor-made when we were 13 years of age onward.  The difference in  the suit style was quite something. The trousers had flairs on the bottom and on the outside seam. there was a slit from the bottom of the trouser leg of about  one and a half inches.  Then bove the seam, three or four buttons were sewn on the seam.  Then the Mod jacket in contrast to the Teddy Boy style was a short single-breasted jacket.  Sometimes the jacket sported covered buttons usually covered with the same material that the suit was made of. The shirt had a  cutaway collar and a narrow tie which would have a Winsor knot in it. The shoes were what at the time they called Winklepickersand they were faulty crocodile skin

We were the sharpest dressers around. and the Lyceum was one of the main places to hang out. Another place to go to was Catford City hall in London. Along with a club above a pub in Seven Sisters Road  Road where the old Arsenal Highbury  Football Ground was.

    A photograph of two mid-1960s mods on a customised scooter

 Mods and Rockers would get into a fight if they ever met.  But beings, as we moved in different circles, meetings, were  pretty rare., 

The only place that really springs to mind is on our trips to the coast. But usually, there could be more than 15- 20 scooters. If we saw any Rockers they would usually take off.

Conflicts between us began to subside and mods increasingly gravitated towards pop art and fashion. Swinging London as it was sometimes called became synonymous with fashion, music, and pop culture.

During this time, mod fashions spread to other countries and became popular in the United States and elsewhere—with the mod now viewed less as an isolated subculture, but emblematic of the larger youth culture of the era.

Popular gear to be worn on most scooters were army surplus Karki coats. I never personally wore one of these coats. I bought myself a big modern style grey overcoat. To top that off I wore as did others a blackberry down over my forehead just above my eyes. 

It was very important that if you were a Mod you dressed as a Mod, we were very smart and clean. The girls too. I can’t remember what the girls’ fashions were but they dressed the part also.

In the late ’50s, early 60’s the best way to get around London to all the dance halls and pubs.was with scooters. They were either a Vestpa usually a GS. or a Lambretta either a 150 LI or a 175cc.  There was also trips on the weekends, which I have properly mentioned already, trips to The South coast of England. Including the Isle Of Wright.

The Lambretta scooter that I had was exceptionally fast and not many could catch me. Witness to the fact that I was pulled over by the ‘ Flying Squad ” one morning at 3.a.m. They said I was doing 65mph.

Once I did come off my scooter. we were coming home from a dance, I believe that it was at Catford City Hall. It had been raining and the roads were really greasy. I was foolishly racing a  fast vesper GS. He had a girl on the back. I had slowed down on this sharp S bend when I lost it and the Lambretta slide away from under me.

The driver of the Vesper had to brake to avoid me as I was laying in the middle of the road. his Vesper was going straight to hit me but I was able as it was moving to push it out of the way with both arms. So it did not hurt me. The guy on the Vesper and his girl were both O.K. the only damage to me was the knee of my almost new houndstooth suit. the right knee had an “L” shaped rip in it. I was really pissed over that. My scooter only had a bit of damage to the paintwork. which was red and cream. just like the picture


Chapter 13: Ellington’s


 When I was about thirteen Denis Williams my friend who lived down the road on Carlton Vale got me a paperboys job at Ellington’s across the road from the Maida Vale tube station. We got up at three-thirty in the morning to walk up Carlton Vale towards Abbey Road, over Kilburn Park Road up a slight hill past the Paddington Rec. and up and along to Elgin Avenue.

We then turned right onto Elgin Avenue along to Maida Vale Tube station where we turned left and along to Ellington’s the newsagents. That was quite a hike and we did that every morning come rain or shine. Once we were at Ellington’s we would go inside where Dennis and I, along with the managers’ Molly and Mac.  Molly and Mac looked alike really, short and stocky they were both in their 50’s with both wearing glasses Mac’s being always on the end of his nose.

They had a little doggy, which they used to put on a cushion on the countertop. if you went near it the little fucker would growl at you.  When Molly and Mack weren’t looking, Denis or I would give it a shot with a morning newspaper. We got a real big kick out of that. The dog didn’t like it much, but we didn’t care.

 In England, everybody has a morning newspaper. So, the four of us would markup all the 25- 30  paper routes for the paperboys

 At that time of the morning, around four ‘ish, there would be very few people coming into Ellington’s. The ones that did would be a bit off-key. There would be the odd prostitute wanting cigarettes and the odd bloke that would come in and would leave me wondering about him, it was properly the actions of these morning blokes, that got me thinking about them.

At 13-14, I was not really up to speed when it came to queers especially back then. Mac would always comment on these “Night  People “, making off-colour remarks once they had left the store.

At one time there was a papergirl but she did not last long. Once we were done marking up the paper routes we took our own papers from our paper route and went and delivered them. Then we walked all the way back home had breakfast and then walked to school.  No wonder when I got to school I was a dead beat and would fall asleep in class.

On the way to Ellington’s in the mornings.  At the junction of Carlton Vale and Maida Vale, four to five women would be standing on the corner. Denis explained to me that these women were prostitutes and that one of them was the mother of one of the boys at the school where  Denis went to.  Which was Percy Road Boys School 

Percy Road Boys  School had the reputation of being a really rough school, and I for one was very glad that I did not go there. 

 Denis told me about things that went on in that Percy Road School that I  as a thirteen-year-old boy back then found really hard to believe. 

One was. ..There was a French class and the regular teacher was absent  So they had a temporary, cute,  young female student teacher take over the French lesson for that period.  Evidently, she was “A bit of all right! “ ( As they used to say back then. )

Well, halfway through the lesson the teacher walked to the back of the class looked down at some of the boys and saw that they had their peckers out and were looking at her and were “Wanking Of “ under their desks.

All the boys except one stopped. But one boy kept motoring as she came up to his desk.  He just kept on wanking and sat there looking up at her and smiling.  She went ballistic, she screamed, and ran out of the class, left the school never to return. 

 At Ellington’s life went on. As I said earlier we had one paper girl. So, after she had been a week or so on the job Denis and I decided to have a little fun with her.  So one morning when we had finished our paper rounds we went over to where she was delivering her papers.

She would like the rest of us leave her paper- bag ( which is made of canvas) outside the door to the mansion take out the papers for that mansion and go in and deliver them. So while she was in the mansion doing her delivery, we took her paper- bag and move it back to the spot where she was last.

She would come out from the mansion looking for her paper- bag. and, obviously found that it had been moved back to one mansion. Then when she was again in the mansion, we would move it forward to the next delivery door.

The paper girl got scared shitless and ran back to Ellington’s to complain to Molly and Mac.   Mac then decides to keep watch on the paper girl to see what was going on. Well! With Mac watching from behind trees, fuck all is going on. cause Mac would be watching the girl and there was us watching Mac.

After a week or so the girl quit. Denis and I laughed our fucking heads off; we thought that that was the greatest bit of fun! For the longest time!

Every Christmas Denis and I had this scam going we would find out when the other paperboys would be going around collecting their Christmas boxes.  (Christmas Tips)  And we would go to their addresses the day before they did.  We would ring the doorbell and the people there would give us a Christmas box ..

By doing this illegitimate Christmas box collecting we collected quite a tidy sum of money, cause to our minds these people were supposed to be rich. After all, this was one of the knobby areas of London.  And looking back on this scam of ours,  I would say, we were selfish little pricks. 

The people handing out Christmases boxes to us didn’t have a clue who their paperboy was.  They were still in bed in the mornings when their paper was delivered, so they did not know their paperboy from a hole in the ground..  What did we do with all the money we made on Christmas boxes, why we did what any self-respecting 14-year-old boy at that time  would do, 

We added it to our Christmas boxes and we went and got tailor-made suits made.  To our way of thinking, We were the sharpest “ Mods “around…….. Trends………. Denis and I set them.

 As I said, Denis and I were the sharpest dressers around, there were not many boys of our age who could dress up like us. We were real Mods.  Maybe the originals. We were one of the ones that brought being a ” Mod ” to the fore. Originals. Of cause, we didn’t realize it at the time but in the circles in which we moved we were making fashion history!

 Our tailor-made suits were the best, we got them made at the Taylor shop at the corner of Edgeware Road and Prade Street. Paddington. We paid sixteen or seventeen guineas for our suits. in case your wondering, a guinea was one pound one shilling. The tailors were the only ones that I know of that used guineas.

Dennis also had a Camel hair overcoat made. I was also very proud of a corduroy blazer. It was made from corduroy. Not just any old corduroy. It was different coloured stripes in the corduroy. 

 I would,  like all my friends, shop around for the best.  Hair do’s at that time were Perry Como style. Once all dressed up we would then go to the London nightclubs.

 Clubs Like Farrs on Baker street. ( Yes the Baker Street from Sherlock Holmes fame.)  Because we were so young the bouncers on the doors at the night clubs used to let us in for nothing. They used to say to us

,” No fucking trouble,  alright ! ”. 

The odd fight would break out in some of the dance halls – clubs. We were just bystanders being as young as we were when it came to punch ups.

Rock and Roll

      1956 ’ish,   It was around this time that Rock and Roll started to take hold on the world.  Denis and I used to go to the State Cinema Kilburn, on Kilburn High road. This cinema held over 4,000 seats. The first person that we saw on stage was an American singer Guy Mitchell.

At the time he had a big hit called  “ Singing the Blues”. An English singer Tommy Steel made a cover of Singing the Blues it did alright in the charts. but to my mind, Mitchell’s was better. 

 Next were “The Platters “they were the absolute best, with songs like, ”Smoke gets in your eyes.” “Blue Moon,”  “Only You “   and the like.  The Platters were a Black American singing group.

  After their performance at the State, Denis, who was a lot more adventurous than me,  to my mind. Said

“Common Bryan  let’s go around to the Stage door and see if we can get in to see them.” 

So we did. We found a side stage door that opened and in we went. Low and behold there they were. The world-famous Platters. We were standing right in front of them.  They stood there and looked at us and we stood there and looked at them.

At that time in London, there were very few black people. We had no plan of what to do next. I thought that the girl in the group was very pretty. But then we heard this voice yelling out.

“Hey what the fuck are you doing back here? get the fuck out! “

So we left in a hurry. But we were thrilled by the fact that we had stood right in front of the group. The World Famous Platters. And here I am telling it in 2021!

 At “The State “ we then saw, to my mind the father of Rock and Roll.   Bill Hayley and the Comets.  ……… With “Rock around the Clock “ “ See you later Alligators” “ Shake Rattle and Roll “, “ Razzle Dazzle “and so on.  

This is howBill Haley and the Comets went down at the State.

 The lights from the half time interval were still on in the theatre and we heard this song.

“ One Two Three a clock four a clock rock !”  

At the time  I remember thinking to myself. I paid to see Bill Haley and here they are playing his record! Then suddenly the stage curtains flew back and there they were.  Bill Hayley with his kiss curl and one of the Comets twirling his base. Really innovative for the time! Singing Rock around the Clock was Bill Haley and the Comets. To us they were fabulous. 

You have to remember that as a little lad all I heard on the radio, just after the war was the  Big Band Sounds. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller and the like. Unlike when Haley and the Comets, played in Germany we were more civilized,  we did not riot and smash up the cinema seats.

  We also saw  Buddy Holly and the Crickets at the State, who was great, he played with the Crickets.  Songs like “ Fade Away “. Oh Boy “   “True Love Ways    ‘ Peggy Sue “   and the like. ( The Rolling Stones did a cover of “Fade Away    which made the charts ) .

On seeing Buddy Holly, who was to know that I was seeing history, as shortly thereafter Holly was killed in a plane crash, along with  “ The Big Bopper “ (Chantilly Lace )   and  “Richie Valens  “ (Donna ). That was a real tragedy for the World of Rock and Roll! 

Last but not least Jerry Lee Lewis with songs like ” A whole lotta shaking going on”   and” Great Balls of Fire”not only was Lewis a great self-taught piano player he was a great on-stage showman as well. he played the piano with his foot as well as his hands. Lewis is still going today.



Chapter 11: Miss Pye at North Paddington secondary school

A London Transport Double decker bus 1940’s style.

In those days there was a conductor as well as a driver.

1953.     I started at North Paddington  Secondary School In about 1953, at the age of twelve. And stayed until 1957 at the age of sixteen. That included an extra voluntary year. Some kids could quit school at fifteen and some of us had the option of staying on an extra year.  Which I did. 

If you look at the double Decker Bus above, they were real boneshakers. They vibrated so much the riding on one was hazardous to your health. From the bus stop around the corner from my house on Malvern Road to the stop at Harrow Road was about four bus stops        D.uring the journey the violent shaking and vibrating gave me the biggest boner. So that when I got to my bus stop I had to cover it with my school satchel which as I walked towards school on the Harrow Road. The satchel would bounce up and down on it.

  North Paddington was on the Harrow Road. It was not a very wide road but a very busy main road. It had trolleybuses running along with it as well as regular doubledecker buses. North Pad.  had a high brick wall right across the front of it and two small gates, the property was walled in down the sides and across the back.

        [ To get the “ Feel “  of the inside of  North Pad. Just watch “Pink Floyd s “ Video of “ Another brick in the wall.” The one with the kids singing in the school.  That was just like North Paddington. Dark and dreary] ….. On the top of the high walls, there was a wire mesh fence to keep the likes of tennis balls from going over the top onto Harrow Road. Outside the school, there was a four-foot-high wire mesh fence as well between the road and the pavement. Just to keep the kids from running onto the road.

 Between the two gates, there was a high brick wall.. Behind one gate there was the boy’s large playground with the “ Bogs “ in the bottom in one corner. . And behind the other gate was the girl’s playground.There the girls played Netball and Rounders.W hen I got, (in later years ) to North America, I was surprised to find out that these games were Basketball and Baseball. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? So are the basketball players playing a girls game? same too for Baseball?

 My favourite classes were woodwork, metalwork and art. Art was my number one favourite class. Why?. The art teacher was Miss Pye. She was very pretty and younger than most of the rest of the teachers at North Pad. And to my way of thinking and she had a good body that was enhanced with nice big tits. Typical bohemian looking with long fair hair. At that time she usually wore tight jumpers to enhance those two beauties. Marilyn Monroe could have not displayed them any better. She usually wore a brown tweed skirt to the round of her attire.

  In the Art classes back then there was no fancy, acrylic this and oil that. We painted on paper that was like wax. Kinda like the toilet paper in the government toilets. The paint that we used back then was lead-based powdered paint. To use it you just mixed it with water. You would not use it today, because of the lead content.

The art tables at that time were long and not very wide. They were more like benches. I always sat on the left-hand side of the table, by the aisle, just a bit in from the end. Once the class got going I would paint something on the paper and after a while, I would call.

     “ Hey Miss Pye what do think of this .?” 

Because I think that she knew that I loved to paint, she always seemed to take a good deal of interest in me. But prior to calling her over I would grip the corner of the table with my left hand, the back of my hand facing up. Just like it was in a natural position. Miss Pye would come over and because the table behind me was up close she had no option but to lean over to look at my painting, which I would have to the right of me. In doing so she would press her crotch on the back of my hand.

     Well,! Back then at 14 years of age, that gave me an instant boner. We both carried on like nothing was out of the ordinary. Sometimes she would look right into my eyes and smile and I would blush up a bit. I guess that she knew that I had a “thing “for her. She didn’t seem to mind at all.  I never told anybody about this until now, 60 years later. This would happen at most art classes, on a regular basis. You can’t make this shit up, this was the way it was.  Today Miss Pye would find herself in the slammer for molesting a minor.  But this minor just loved it and I would of, and never did “rat her out “

I don’t remember how I knew this fact, or even if it is true. But allegedly Miss Pye eventually became Mrs Hughes. . Because she married the woodwork teacher Mr Hughes. Who just by coincidence was the class next door to the art room. Mr Hughes was a plain nondescript man of average height middle-aged man it stands out in my mind that he was a pipe smoker. To be honest I don’t know what Miss Pye saw in him. Maybe she found out that Hughes was loaded, or the fact that he had a big pipe or both!

  I don’t recall much else going on at North Padd, until a couple of stories from Michael Davies, a few years later when we met up at Linton and Hurst just outside Swindon. 

There was one thing that I remember. and that was the fact that sweets came off ration  They were still on ration after the war years and were de rationed around 1954.


Chapter 15 : Scooter to Swindon

Now that I had my scooter, one weekend I thought that I would take a trip to Swindon, So down to Swindon I did go.   Mum and dad were pleased to see me.  So I hung out there for the weekend. There was an old cow shed about two blocks away from 31, Buckland. It had been turned into the British Legion and we really had a good time there.

There were two buildings the smaller building consisted of a bar and an area to stand around and drink beer and shoot the shit. plus there were about four or five dartboards set up usually with people playing for a pint.

The larger building adjoining the bar was just perfect to have a great night out in.  In that building, there was a dance floor surrounded by tables and chairs. Then at the head of this building was a stage where there was a band and usually talent contests  So every weekend there, the beer flowed like water. The place was unique a one-off. Years later a  modern  British legion was built. It did not have half an atmosphere that the Old Cow Shed had. The Cow Shed was a special place a fun place never to be replicated.

One time there they had a Darts Champion there to entertain. He would do all sorts of tricks with his darts. I stood with my face almost against the dartboard. The Darts Champ was half in the bag as everybody was buying him drinks. So, I stood there with a cigarette sticking out of my mouth. then he threw a dart which hit the cigarette. A ballsy stunt. and stupidity on my part.

Maurice Hellewell used to get up and sing there. my early neighbour from the ’60s at Buckland Close. Sometimes they would have a talent competition and Maurice would sing in them too. I don’t remember if he ever won. I personally thought that he was a terrible singer. So, nobody was more surprised than me when I heard that he was in Israel singing there.

 Since I had been away from Swindon, a different family had moved in next door to 31 Buckland place. ( The previous occupants were a nice couple Maurice and Maurine Helliwell.  ) As just mentioned.

At the time of writing Maurice has just passed away at 82.  My sister Pauline just informed me. I feel very sad writing this. I  had not seen Maurice in aeons but it gives me a very sad heart. This news makes me want to get this book finished, and   I still have a ways to go.

The new family in 33 Buckland were Anglo – Indians. Fred and Marge Lamb and family. Very nice people. they had two daughters living with them Beryl and Fay Lamb. I really liked Beryl she was pretty and built but unfortunately, she was married. I think that she was a nurse at Swindon’s Princess Margaret’s Hospital. Beryl’s husband Alex was also living there.  He was out of work at the time  

 Fay was a younger sister of Beryl and was about 17-18 and was absolutely beautiful with long black fabulous hair, a very pretty girl with a great body. So I tried to hang out with her with the full intentions of fucking her. I knew that she liked me, but there were a few problems.

First of all, her dad Fred did not trust me, ( and rightly so ). Secondly, they got Fay fixed up with a  guy who was in the RAF, Tom was his name. He was of Anglo- Indian background, which made him in the Lambs way of thinking a very good candidate to marry Fay.

  It was hard to fight that setup. Tom would stay at Fay’s place on weekends and go back to his RAF base on Sunday nights……. But things would change. 

 “All things come to those who wait.” 

Firstly Beryl and Alex moved out of the Lambs. Secondly, Tom would only come and stay with the Lamb family on Thursday Friday and then he would have to go back to his RAF base first thing Friday morning. I was working nights at Dictaphone at the time. I was getting Nooky with  Brenda, who lived in Battersea. But their things were getting boring.

I  needed a new challenge and Fay was it. Working nights at Dictaphone enabled me to leave for Swindon just after 7.a.m. from London and get to Swindon about 9.30. first thing on Friday morning.   Fay was home alone, and in no time flat, I was in her bed with her banging the arse off her, all by about 10 o’clock in the morning or so. Suddenly, Life was great!. 

 So now I was on a seven days a week shagging schedule. Brenda in the week and Fay on the weekends. Life was fucking great! Literally.    

 Things could have got pretty serious with Fay, well they did for a little while.  She really liked me. I think that she saw me as a bad boy. And maybe she thought that she could tame me. 

But I was young and wanted to play the field. ! Read, I wanted to get as many pretty girls under my belt, and under my belly button. as possible.I would of have had no trouble staying the course with Fay, but it was not to be.

 There came a point when I thought, I’m having so much fun in Swindon that I decided to move back there to 31 Buckland Close. Fucking would be right next door and life would be great!

So I left Earlsmead Road Kensal Rise for the last time and drove down to Swindon my scooter. So here I was back in Swindon at the age of 21. With my pecker in my hand, ready for action!


   Linton and Hurst.

 I don’t remember how I got a job. But I did so at Linton and Hurst, in Stratton St. Margaret’s.  Linton and Hurst were on the edge of Swindon   I was to work on the steel slitting line there. I was to encounter my first presses and dies. I was still a bit shy and naive at this age.

Around 20-21 which would make it around 1960-61.  I had found out that I liked to be working around machinery and steel, I was comfortable with that. Working on the Slitting line was fun. My boss was a slim bloke with red hair. We called him Ginger. Most people in England at the time with red hair were called Ginger.  He taught me how to run the slitting line equipment and machinery.

Large coils of steel maybe 5-10,000 lbs. in weight were mounted on a big expandable mandrill the coil of steel was unwound and the whole coil was run through a central part of the machine. There it was slit into different widths.  Once having gone through the “ Slitter “ it was re-wound on another mandrill but now it was indifferent width of coils.

The coils could be anything from say one inch wide to maybe 4 inches wide.  Once the whole coil had been through the slitting machine, the coils were taken away and then stacked. 

These thinner coils of steel were then run through dies which had been set up in presses the width of the steel for the job, depended on the die and the job.

 Firstly though, I worked on an older slitting machine where coloured sheets of special electrical steel were run through. This was my machine and I did all the setups. After a while, I had the running of this machine “ Down Pat “ 

 Metal sheets had to be pushed through the machine  The sheets were around four feet wide and eight feet long and around .025” thick. ( Just under 1/32 “ thick ) and I had to push the sheets thro’ the slitting machine by hand. I liked to work on this machine as it had a lot of fucking around to get it to run properly.

I had to get the machine to cut various widths of steel from the sheet just like the big slitting machine.  The sheets of steel would be stacked on the right side of the machine in a bundle that was tilted at a slight angle so that it was easier to get the sheets off one at a time.  I would take each sheet and flip it from the bundle down onto a long side stop on the left-hand side of the table then holding the sheet against the stop,

I would push it through the slitter. On the other side of the slitter was a portable table where all the cut up strips of steel that had been cut to width,  would be collected. Once the sheets of steel were slit up onto the table it would be wheeled away and the different widths of strips of steel would be stacked on the floor until a press needed them.  It sounds complicated but it was not, not to me anyway.

  I was maybe in the Slitting department for about a year. When I saw that somebody was being shown around. I didn’t take much notice until the two men came up close to my slitting machine. One of the men was a Foreman named Ron, but the other guy was somebody that I recognized.

I was Mike Davis a guy from North Paddington Secondary School. He was in the same years as I was but in a lower class. I yelled out to him and we shook hands. I was surprised to see anybody that I knew from London. Especially somebody from North Paddington. my old school. Shit, we were 80 miles west of London, and we were almost in the countryside.

So Mike was hired on but for the life of me, I cannot remember into what department.  It was probably shipping and receiving. Anyhow Mike settled in in Linton and Hurst, and one lunchtime we sat together up in the lunchroom and Mike told me a bit of what he had been up to and then some. So here are some of his stories from North Paddington.

So Michael and another classmate Tony Harris, because they didn’t give a shit about school at the time. Just for kicks, they put in for most of the curricula that the girls had signed up for.  One of the classes was biology. It was a double period at the end of the school day. The regular teacher was off, so a young female substitute teacher was subbed in her place. Mike tells me that the lesson was about reproduction. And the teachers drew a  side view picture of a dogs penis on the blackboard, only showing one ball. ( As it was a section through ) Of course, the two 15-year-old boys were all over her . telling her that dogs have two balls

They continued to give her a hard time throughout the rest of the lesson. So when the bell rang for the end of class, and also the end of classes for that day. The teacher said to the whole class that if anybody had any problems they could stay behind after class and she would try to help them. Well

 Mike tells me that he and Tony stayed behind d after class and they pulled down the black blinds to the glass windows and door and then locked the door. They then proceeded to both hit on her feeling her up and the like.  after a bit, she started to get warmed up, and she was then a willing participant. So they both got to take turns to screw her on one of the Lab tables.

Mike said that she really got into it. she had more experience than they had at the time, two 15-year-olds. Mike said that she went down on both of them and gave them both a blow job.  Well, I could hardly believe my ears at what I was being told. 

  Mike then proceeded to pull another rabbit out of the hat. He then went on to tell me another story. He said that school was off for one day and he was walking in the local park the Paddington Rec. He was smoking and walking and bumped into Miss Longworth the music teacher from our school, who was out for a walk with her little doggy.

Well as they stopped for a chat it started to rain heavily so Miss Longworth said to Mike that she lived nearby on  Maida Vale. And that they could get out of the rain. So said Mike, he ran with  Miss Longworth back to her place which happened to be in one of the mansions that we delivered newspapers to just behind the  Paddington Rec.  While he was there she fed him and then he landed up screwing her and at the same time helped her to smoke her cigarettes. These stories are tame by today’s standards, but I had no reason not to believe him.  

I can’t remember what happened to Mike I always found him to be a nice fellow.       

 I knew sooner or later I was going to move. Job wise that is. Well, the chance came, and it came at Linton and Hurst.  Somebody put in a good word for me. I don’t know to this day who the fuck it was but I am eternally thankful to this day for the leg up.  I was asked if I would like to work in the tool room.

“Would I, do chickens have lips.” I was in like Flint. 


 *   over the years I was eternally grateful to whoever gave me a leg up and got me into the tool room at Linton and Hurst. So to pay my dues. Over the years following my time at Linton and Hurst whenever I could help somebody progress through on their job, I would go bat for them!


The Toolroom foreman at Linton and Hurst was a really nice older portly bloke named Hollingsworth. Once there I knew that this was wanted to do. Tool and die work, I was a natural for it. I loved it at Light Alloys in the tool room and I was going to love it here, at Linton and Hurst.

I was going to learn everything that I could in this department. Tool and Die work was well paying and I wanted to earn a better wage.

 [Jumping ahead a few light-years………..Whatever job I ever had over the years I always had good work ethics. I always did my best, And at the end of my career I was at the top of my game and was able to get tool and die employment right up to the time of retiring

……whereas others on losing their jobs at Butler Metals ( Oxford Automotive)  when it closed at the end of 2002  were not so lucky. I discovered that I got jobs because I had good work ethics, knew my job and was a reliable worker.)

When I had been at L & H for a short time. It was one Christmas I would guess 1961-62 I went to a Christmas dance at L &H and that is where I met Steve Clarke. She was Dave Smiths, the stepdaughter. (Dave was a slim very likeable bloke who worked in the tool room)  and Amy Clarke‘s daughter.

That is where for the first of many times I fell in love. Stephany or Steve as she was called was a very pretty girl with short blond hair. Really fabulous ballerina type arse. And great legs to match. She must have been about five foot three. She wore short fair hair, I can’t recall the colour of her eyes, but they were probably blue. 

We had a party at 31 Buckland Close. It could have been my sisters  Pauline 16th birthday party in  1963. I invited Dave Amy and Stephanie to it. As usually at the parties at 31 we had the greatest time. With songs like little  Eve’s Locomotion, bits and pieces by the Dave Clarke 5  In Dreams, and Blue Angle by Roy Orbison, all of these topped  off with fresh

Beatles songs. At these parties virtually everybody was pissed. We always had a lot of fun and never had any trouble whatsoever.  These parties were renowned at the British Legion a.k.a. ” The Cow Shed “ 

People would pay me money to get into the parties, which would mean we could buy more beer to take home from the Legion, And it was only a house party. It would be a mixture of age groups. Young or old we had fun. And of course, the music back then was FAB as they would then say.

After the party was over i was invited back to the Smiths place[Stephanie’s parents seemed to take a great liking to me!]  We had about six blocks to walk to the Smiths new house.  I could not forget that walk back to the Smith’s place. It must of have been about 4 in the morning

 And of all things to happen was a wild fucking  snowstorm . A real rarity for us in that part of the world.  That night was the the beginning of  an affair  that was very short lived. It was a disappointment to me when it abruptly ended. i can’t remember  exactly how   it went down , but it did……………..

 Being with Steve was one of the nicest things that had happened to me in my short time on this planet. Going out with Steve lead me to getting my first blow Job. I thought that it was …. Wow! It was on the floor of the living room in 31 Buckland Close.

I guess you never forget your first blow job. Steve told me that a previous boyfriend was too big for her. So to compensate he introduced her to blowjobs, even to the point of her giving him one when they were on the local train and between stations and nobody else was in the carriage with them. So I guess I had to thank him for me getting my first rounds of oral sex. So I should not complain.

One of the hits at that time was  “ In Dreams “ By Roy Orbison. [ Which just by coincidence is playing as I type this.}  After the affair was done with, I thought about all the girls that I had gone out with and I had dumped them.

  I always had this thought at the back of my mind when it came to dumping women. One day Bryan you are going to get your tuppence and sure enough, I did.

But, that was the way of the world, then, and I guess now and for time immemorial.  I realized now that I was a real prick to whomever. But that is the way it was and the way it went. But   I didn’t care, because there was a lot of young women – girls out there.

They were on the pill which was relatively new on the planet and along with the pill the girls wanted to feel and use their newfound freedom. 

When it came to sex the Pill was a big plus for single guys the likes of me. i or none of my male friends ever, to my knowledge ever forced ourselves on any females. Today guys are in the news forcing girls to have sex with them. Today and going back many decades.

As you will read further on, my best friend  Eric Heaton. and I found it hard to keep up with the girls of the time that were willing to go to bed with us. Sometimes when we had a night off with no shagging it was actually nice to go to bed early.

 When it was all over with Steve and I, and now having had a few blow jobs under my belt, I wanted more blow jobs. Why the hell not?

  So now, after the Steve affair not only did I now want fucking but I also wanted blow jobs to go with the fucking..   Which, on reflection made a lot of sense. Like eggs and bacon, black and white,  a shag and a blow job to go with it.

Especially now I realized that I had been unknowingly missing out in the blow job department. Obviously, I had to make up for lost time and get as many in as possible. On reflection over the following years, I would say I did that and then some! 

I would say that Blow Jobs have been around since the beginning of time. But nobody at the time 1960s ever spoke about them too much. Back then they used to call them Gobbles. But I never took much notice , until it came to my turn to bat!   “Dirty Filthy Lucky Bastard”

 The next available pretty girl after Steve was old flame next-door neighbour Fay Lamb. Once Stephany was gone and out of my life, I still needed to get laid and also the little extras that went with it. So as soon as Fay and I   were back together, right away  I introduced her to blow jobs.

Once introduced to them she used to give them to me whenever and where ever I wanted. Usually back to back to back. None stop.  It was the way to go. Well, I thought so anyway! She seemed to thoroughly enjoy giving them, and I was not one to stop her enjoyment.

  So there it was Bryan and  Fay back together again, for a while anyway until the next “Challenge “came along. 

 Well, the next challenge was Sheila Carpenter who worked in the metallurgist lab at Linton and Hurst., Sheila was a slim attractive girl about five foot five,  Very well brought up,  polite with good manners.  Sheila was a metallurgist at Linton and Hurst and had the job of checking out the metal that came into the plant.

I was always asking her for a date, she always said no. but my persistence paid off and she finally agreed to go out with me. After some time Sheila and I got engaged. I don’t think that her parents were too pleased, but I didn’t care Sheila was a nice girl and well mannered. I liked her but I don’t remember how much I liked her. it is all lost in time. 

 Sheila lived in Lodgings in Swindon’s Ferndale Road in the week. She would not let me go upstairs to her bedroom as her landlady had her bedroom up there as well, and men were not allowed up there. So sex was kept to the ground floor, on the couch on the floor in the chair.

When I first went out with Sheila, I discovered that Sheila had a twin sister Brenda.  Brenda was dating a bloke called Tony. He was an O.K. guy I remember that he drove a Sunbeam Talbot but,   Brenda eventually landed up and dating and getting married to Martin Ashby who became the Captain of Swindon and  England’s Speedway riding team.  

Sheila’s dad Reg owned a fleet of about twenty lorries and three or four-horse boxes. The Carpenter family lived in the tiny village of Crudwell in Wiltshire.. About thirty miles from Swindon. On a Friday evening, I used to go and stay there on the weekends with Sheila.  They had a spare bedroom with bunk beds I had the top bunk and Tony had the bottom.   Until Brenda ditched him.

Sheila liked sex and loved getting laid, so did I, so I didn’t complain about the lack of a bed at Sheila’s lodgings.

In Crudwell  Directly across the road from the house was the village pub.  Sometimes Sheila and I would go across there on a Friday or Saturday evening, have a few drinks and then come back to the house. Depending on who was there, if nobody was up and around or the rest of the house was in bed it would be lollipop time ( as she called it ) for Sheila  but, only if she asked for one 

 At this time in our relationship, I had a 250 Ariel Leader. A motorbike. Sheila and I used to commute back and forth to  Crudwell on this. But towards the end of our relationship, I had bought an Austin mini. A Green one. JNX073. We called it Jinks’ y.

.Some Saturdays I would go to the Horse races with  Sheila’s dad Reg,    Reg would invite me to go along with him to the racecourses. I remember Cheltenham being one of them. Cheltenham Racecourse was in Prestbury Park near Cheltenham Gloucestershire. We would take a horsebox and pick up the horses on the way to the racecourse. I don’t remember any of the horses that we took to the races ever winning.  

On a Saturday evening if Sheila and I had nothing better to do we would go with Brenda and Tony in his Sunbeam-Talbot to the Swindon Speedway. It was pretty exciting watching six guys racing around a quarter mile cinder track at 80 miles an hour, on motorbikes that had no brakes. 

If we went to Swindon Speedway we would have something to eat and have a few pints of beer.  Come half time I would go to the gents to urinate. Well, one particular evening I went over to the Gents which was outside and not in the stands.

I walked into the Gents from the end of the building. It was more like a shack than a solid building. Ongoing in It was absolutely pitch black. there was a dim light coming in through the doorway. So, I didn’t want to get too close to the wall for fear of the splashback on my clothes. So once I  mentally figured out where the wall was. I unzipped my fly and started to wiz up against the urinal wall.

 After a few minutes of pissing, right out in front of me a man turned away and made his way to the exit. 

I thought right away, Fucking Hell I’ve been pissing up the back of that guy who was obviously in front of me. So I quickly cut off my whizzing putting my pecker away and got the hell out of there as fast as I could. I went out the other end on the gents. I never told anybody what had happened. I didn’t want some big fucker coming up to me from nowhere and sucker-punching me.

A young couple came down to Swindon from Harrow, London. Both started work at Linton and Hurst. They were Christine and Dave Reynolds.  She was a very pretty girl with short blond hair. Christine had a great body and had big knockers to go with it.  Christine worked on the assembly line, while  Dave was a die setter on the presses.  As I got to know them they started to invite me inviting me over to their flat for a visit.

  So one evening after they had been at L& H  for a while  I went around to their flat to see them. Christine let me in. I went into the kitchen and she made me a cup of tea. We chatted  away for a while,  and when Dave didn’t put in an appearance I said

“ Christine  where’s Dave .( Up until  that moment  I thought that he was in the bathroom.)

She said.

“He’s at work he won’t be home for at least a couple of hours he’s doing overtime,” .

So I said “Oh, I thought that he was having a shower or something! “

I was sitting on a kitchen stool with my back to the kitchen countertop.

She comes up real close and starts to stick out those knockers. Pushing herself between my thighs Wow! The next thing I know I’m feeling those beauties up, her blouse came undone like magic and the bra was off. Wow!

  We progressed from the kitchen to the bedroom, clothes of and we were soon going at it. Wow! You could tell that she was no beginner I didn’t give a shit, I was!  And I needed all the practice that I could get. !  I had the feeling that Christine did this on a regular basis. ….

This turned out to be true, and not too far into the future.      I never went back to the flat, as I got to know Dave better at work and I didn’t think that it was right to be friends with a bloke and fuck his wife at the same time. Especially as I was seeing Sheila Carpenter at this time, and was in fact engaged to her, and had been for about a year.

Shortly after the evening that I had with Christine. Dave found out that Christine was fucking the manager of the Singer Sowing machine shop in downtown Regent Street  Swindon.

So,  evidently, Dave and Christine sorted out the problem and decided to leave Swindon and start life afresh.

A friend of Dave’s had offered him a job as a carpenter, framing houses in Cornwall, which was over 200 miles west of Swindon.  Dave accepted the job offer I guess Dave thought the further away from Swindon the better.

So Dave and Christine left Swindon and went down to Cornwall by train.  They stayed at Dave’s friend’s place and the next morning after arriving in Cornwall Dave goes off to work framing houses with his buddy.

 Once Dave was safely out of sight Christine hops back on the train to Swindon, so she could be near her boyfriend in the Singer Machine shop.   On finding that Christine had gone back to Swindon Dave gets a train back to. And returns to his old job as a die setter at Linton and Hurst.

 But for me, all good things come to an end. After I had been in the toolroom at Linton and Hurst for a year to 18 months my employment came to an end. Along with a group of toolmakers I was let go, made redundant.” Redundant “was the word of the day in those times. And there was a lot of people let go at  Linton and Hurst. Some had come down with the company from Harrow London, to Swindon. It would be true to say that I was more than a little upset to be let go. But, it was what it was!

Sheila was let go also. she went and got a job at the local telephone exchange as a telephone operator.

Around 1962 after being let go from Linton and Hurst,  Pressed Steel Fisher a huge plant in Swindon was advertising. which was fortunate for me. It was the Plant to be working at if you could get in. At the time it paid 22 pounds a week. That was for the day Shift.If you worked the afternoon shift. you were paid time and a quarter. If you had too work nights, you would be paid time and a third.

I went to Pressed Steel and filled out an application. And much to my surprise, I was called in for an interview. I went to the tool room and had an interview with one of the tool room foreman Jack Viner.  Jack took me and showed me around the tool room. While Jack was showing me around a guy that I knew through my sister Pauline Eric Heaton came over to Viner and myself. Eric was on an Apprenticeship at Pressed Steel. After I left the interview Eric spoke up for me to Viner, and I was hired on!

That was the beginning of a great friendship. Once at Pressed Steel Eric and i chummed around together. Pressed Steel made car bodies for the British Motor Corp. and also Vauxhall Motors. that in itself I believe was General Motors.  I have got this to say about my interview. I was scared shitless over the size of the dies and I wondered if I could handle the job. But I did.

One door closes and another door opens.

Shortly after Dave was back from his ill-fated trip Cornwall, he told me that he had found a place to live and that he wanted to find someone to share it with him. He then went on to say. ”

” Would I be interested? ”
“I  said Sure, why not!”

The Flat was on Bath Road in Old Town Swindon, and just down the road from the flat was Princess Margaret Hospital.

We decided to move into the flat on a Friday night. At this point, I think that I was working at Pressed Steel  Fisher. I moved in that Friday night I took my stuff from 31 Buckland Close to the second floor flat.

With regarding Shiela on this particular weekend. I told her that I wouldn’t be going to Crudwell as I had all my stuff to move into the flat. She was good with that. sooner had I got to the flat with my stuff I unloaded it in no time flat. Eric turned up and gave me a hand, we put my stuff in my bedroom then I made up my bed. after changing my clothes. We were ready to rock and roll.

We probably left the Mini at the flat and  Eric and I walk the block or so to Old Town. In Old Town, there is a whole slew of pubs there. One that was a particular favourite of ours was The Plough which was situated in a backstreet in Old Town. It was a great place to hang out with lots of birds., but fuck I was engaged to Sheila.

But this weekend I tried to forget Sheila and have a good time.  Eric and I proceeded from the Plough on an old fashioned pub crawl in Old Town until finally, we landed up at the  Locarno ballroom, and from there I picked up a girl named Carol. Quite a successful night for someone who had been tied down with a girlfriend, fiancee for more than a year.

It was one evening a few days later, about Wednesday. I took Carol back to the flat. Where there was no messing about,  we tried to fuck each others brains out. But now, this is where it starts to get interesting. Dave who had no idea that I was home in the flat, brought his new girlfriend, Marge back to the flat.

I don’t remember where he met her but he did. So on getting to the flat, they sat down on the living room couch. As I said Said he had no idea that I was in the flat with Carol.  At nine-thirty the doorbell rings and Dave goes down to see who it was. So low and behold Sheila was standing there. so she says to Dave.

“Hello, Dave is Bryan in?”

So Dave says, “No Sheila he’s not here,” so Sheila says.

“Well his car is here”

So Dave says ” Well I don’t know where he  is Sheila!”

So Sheila says”  O.K. thanks Dave  ‘ and leaves.

Dave goes back upstairs.

An hour later the doorbell rings again and Dave goes down again. he opens the door and it’s Sheila standing there once again.

Sheila says” Hello Dave is Bryan In Yet? ”

David say’s ” No not yet Sheila, look why don’t you come up and wait for him, he can’t belong it’s ten-thirty he should be back soon.”

So Sheila goes upstairs with Dave into the sitting room.

Just after Sheila arrives I come out of my bedroom with Carol and walk into the living room. There is Dave and Marge sitting down with Sheila standing beside them. There is a fleeting moment of silence.  I ushered Carol through the flat  front door and down the stairs,   so Carol says

“Bryan, what’s going on there?”

I said, “How the fuck  should I know, it looks like Dave has women problems.” With that, I Loaded her into the mini and took her home.

So that was the end of that little romance with Sheila and Bryan. And I never dated Carole again.

To be completely honest I tried to rectify myself with Sheila. she was a really nice girl and I had really Fucked myself.

Eric said to me “Bryan don’t worry about it, there are a lot more bird’s out there for the fucking.” So having totally screwed myself with Sheila I was at Least free to hit on any birds that were out there, for the asking.

And from Eric’s point of view,  Eric wanted a partner a team player too ” Tap up birds”. Someone who had the same mindset as himself. and the same goals. And of course, that’s where I came in!

Once I was working at Pressed Steel and settled in. Eric Heaton and I started up a great relationship. We became a Tag Team ready to hunt down women. we’d take them back to Dave and mines flat. and bang them.

It was no exaggeration to say that we would have virtually a  different girl every night. yes, we were a great tag team. The name and faces are long forgotten a distant memory.  At that time in  Swindon, there were lots of young fucker – able girls once they knew that I had my own Flat with no parental controls they would come over. and it would not be too long before they were in bed with their knickers removed.

Sometimes there would be a spare chick and that would mean three in a bed. Eric and I didn’t give a shit, the more the merrier. Dave was a good sport when it came to Eric using the flat usually he was in bed when we came back with any birds. Eric would usually grab the living room couch  If he was the only one who had scored I let him use my bedroom. and I would sleep on the couch, till he took the girl home.

In Swindon especially in Old Town Swindon, there were many places to pick up women. We usually spent most of our evenings in Old Town, where the pubs were a place to score. There were many reasons for this. There were 8-10 pubs within a block of one another.  We would usually start off in the home pub. The Plough and go from there.

Eric and I were not like the ” normal ” blokes”. the normal bloke would be looking for just a  hit and be satisfied with that.  We liked to think that we were different. On a Saturday night, we would be looking to get dates for the whole week. The game plan was to first get a date for Thursday night. once we had that set up we would look for something for Wednesday,  then Tuesday than Monday.  Usually the last thing at the Locarno on a Saturday night, we would be looking for something to take home.

I must admit that this worked out quite well in our favour. by having so many dates were knew that we would get laid. sometimes we had a back up of birds I think that I mentioned already that some Sunday mornings I would take girls that we had been shagging all night, down the back garden to the garage, meanwhile Eric was at the front door ushering the new targets in.

Dave Reynolds continues to work at Linton and Hurst and I continued to work at Pressed Steel. Sometimes Dave would hang out with Eric and I but not very often. Dave was more of a lone wolf a very nice quiet type of guy. Some weekend he would take the train up to London to see his mum. And Eric would take his place at the flat.  Then it was party time.

 I can’t remember how long  Dave and I   were at the flat on Bath road I would say a year or eighteen months or so maybe a bit longer.

 When one night I had been out with Eric and I got home back at the Flat. I was in the kitchen when I heard this groaning noise coming from Dave’s bedroom.  I went into his room, it was in pitch darkness I put on the light there was Dave in bed looking awful. He was a grey-green colour.

I said Dave What’s wrong Mate? He said I don’t know I feel fucking awful. I feel as sick as a dog! and it,s freezing in here.

I wasted no time and hauled him out of bed. He was in bed with all his clothes on.  That’s how cold he was!

I told  Dave that I was taking him to the hospital.So I struggled with him down the stairs and outside into the mini. It was about a mile down the road to Princess Margaret’s Hospital . I took him into the Emergency room. And they took over from me. Well, it turns out that he had a bad case of Pneumonia. 

 Dave was kept in hospital for three or four days. When he was better I went down and brought him back to the flat. 

  Dave was in bed for a few more days then he said that he was going back to London to live with his mum, permanently.

Just a note, going back to the parties at 31 Buckland Close. They usually ended up with a game of cards and everybody drinking my mum’s homemade wine.I refused to drink that shit. It made you really pissed and gave you a real bad hangover.

Usually, somebody would pull back the Blinds  besides the table and they would say

“ Holy Fuck It’s  fucking daylight!”. Zoom! everybody would take off. 

 Yes those years, were the best of times.

Mum made wine from almost anything that you could think of. Tea wine, dandelion wine, rice wine , rhubarb wine, potato wine the list was frigging endless. Whatever mum made it was usually potent. if I told her that I had a hangover from drinking her wine, she would get a big kick out of it and laugh like hell.

 After a few hangovers from her wines, I learnt to not drink it and I tried to stay away from homemade wines, period.

Willie an Irishman who lived at the bottom end of town near the Locomotion pub.  Well, Willie had Eric and me over to his place and while we were there we drunk some of his carrot wine.  Well, when I got home I had to lay on the bed with the room spinning around. I couldn’t move. I didn’t start feeling better until I made it to the bathroom and threw up. When down the road Willie wanted Eric and I   to go over to his place  to tryout some more carrot wine.

I said to him

. ” Fuck you Willie !”

Well, he roared  with laughter when I told him what happened to me after the last time we drunk carrot wine at his place. But he still tried to get us to drink it again. 

He said .

” Come on boys it won’t hurt you It’s as slick as weasel shit.”

So I said to him . Willie, i don’t drink my mother’s wines anymore and I’m not drinking yours anymore either!

Willie was the funniest greatest guy you could ever wish to meet. He had a beat-up Morris one thousand car. that thing could barely make it around town.   More than once we had to push the fucking thing to get it going that was not easy to do when you are half in the bag.


So, once I was settled in at  Pressed Steel  Eric and I started to hang out together.  I was not seeing Sheila anymore, so we would divide our time between old town and the Railway hotel at the bottom end of town.

   Some times we would hang out at one of Erics favourite pubs the Railway Hotel. Which was at the bottom end of Swindon. Other times up  in is where I met one of Eric’s drinking buddies,  An Irish man named  Willie. Willie was about 30 medium height dark wavy hair and a ruddy red face. The only way that I could describe his eyes was  Willie  was one of the most funniest fuckers around  . He had happy eyes and  he was nothing but pure fun to be with.

We also hung around, up in old town, usually in the Cross keys The Bell or the Plough. 

 After I was at pressed Steel for awhile  I  while I realized that the auto industry was where I wanted to be working. I wanted to be working  on building and repairing automotive dies. I realized that i had a knack for it. and it paid well.

And this is what I worked on  mainly my working life. I was where the money was. I didn’t mind going to work as I  had developed a feel for the Auto industry. 

I took some time of to work in the aircraft Industry , at De Havilland Aircraft. And a couple of smaller places. But I was mainly in the auto industry.





Bath Road three-story Victorian houses. These are identical to the one that Dave and I rented, except we had an end unit. this enabled me to park the Mini up the side of the house.

The was quite a number of young girls working there .  I can’t remember if Dave was still hanging out with Marge or she had gone the way of the Do-Do. Dave was a bit older than me and he did not seem to want to chase women like Eric and i . I think that at the time he was shell shocked by what went on with Christine. But he liked to have fun so he was a great guy to hang out with.

Dave and I would shop for groceries once week two blocks up the road in Old Town. The young girls in the store were a fun lot I tried to date them, I kinda half succeeded with one. But Dave would try to hit on the girls  mainly for fun. But, sometimes we would come up trumps and get a date. They were very wary of me more so than Dave  and rightly so.  One girl that I managed to go out with was a girl names Barbara. She was a pretty, slim looking girl very pleasant with long dark hair. She was very nervous around me. We would occasionally go to the movies but she would not go back to the flat. No way  no matter what. But I didn’t mind I just liked her company. And she was always good for an occasional free meal in the week. Coincidentally one of the songs of the day was Barbara Ann by the Beach boys.

 So post Sheila, when  Eric and I  hit on birds we only picked on ones that were pretty and or ones that had great bodies. In other words we only picked the cream of the crop. And for sure we never went out with overweight or ugly ones.   If we could we liked to pick them up in pairs .  So that the four of us had the same agenda. 

 The birds that we stayed away from were the pairs of girls where one was pretty and the other one was overweight and or to our way of thinking, ugly. I guess at the time we were very shallow. Very Shallow, indeed! But that’s how it was at the time.

So, when one of us got the pretty one the other one had the overweight one, no, that did not work for use . We wanted it so that we both had good lookers. So we looked for “ Good Looking pairs ‘!

The key thing here is this, and it was a very important factor.  Blokes at that time lived at home until they got married, then they would move out from their parent’s place

  So having a place of your own without parents was heaven..

In the early days of Eric Heaton and I hanging out together. Eric would come back to the Flat that I shared with Dave, with his prize and usually Dave was in bed already.

So other than that, Eric would take the girl back to his parent’s place. Where there was a will there was a way. Eventually, things got smoothed out when Dave eventual went back to London and Eric and I found another flat. But that is down the road.

Eric and I were a great tag team when it came to “Tapping up Birds “. The world was our oyster, and the pearl in our oyster was   “ The Pill “. It would seem that girls were discovering it more and more day by day. It made for easy pickings for Eric and I.

After a while, we got the women situation down to a fine art.  If we hadn’t picked anything up at any of our local haunts we would head to Wroughton. Where the two dreaded ‘ D’s “ were waiting.  Pauline for me and Denise for Eric. Denise. they were our back up bunk ups.

We would cruise Mc Kilroy’s on Mondays and the Lucarno on Saturday nights hitting on birds. It was “ Pussy Galore “ and Eric  and I loved it . We were never short of a “ Leg Over “ .  Because if we came up short on a Monday or Saturday the was always the ……. “Wroughton Connection “

The Wroughton Connection was Pauline, alias” Doglegs” and Denise. We called them“The two dreaded-D’s “. Doglegs and Disease They were always good for and up fora good fucking .   Eric usually bedded Denise and I would bang Pauline. Make no mistake they were “ Back up Bunk ups” they both knew it , but they didn’t care or give a shit. As long as they were with Eric and I.

    Wroughton is  a small village on the edge of Swindon. The two “ D’s “  were always to be found in the Plough pub in old town Swindon. They liked also to go to the Moonrakers pub at the other end of Swindon . The beer there was shitty,  Arkle’s we hated it but it was what it was. It was a good night out.

There were also two or three more girls in Wroughton that Eric and I banged. There was a particular big titted Italian looking local girl that Eric screwed a lot and there was also a tall girl with big knockers that I took on at a pinch. For the life of me I can’t remember her name. The girls would get mad if they found out we had fucked one of the others. But we didn’t give a shit. And they knew it . So they didn’t complain too much because if they did knew that we just didn’t care. … So, life was pretty good at the time, in the shagging department.

     Eric had his own problems. He lived in a more affluent part of Swindon in the Windsor Road area. like I  think that I said earlier, with his parents.  Alf and Mrs. Heaton. I used to get a kick out of Eric calling his dad Alf.  I could never imaging calling my dad George, it was never on and was never thought of . Besides being extremely impolite.

Eric had his girlfriend that he had been dating for I don’t know how long, Kate. She was from a well off family she was also from the Windsor road  area . Kate  had a nice body and was  very attractive. Well, I thought so anyway. On reflection she could possibly been a bit of a nag.  Eric had been banging her over the past few years,  but he wanted to unload her,   Kate  was  shackles  around his legs , he wanted to free himself up so that he could fuck whoever whenever. I don’t know how he got rid of her , I wasn’t there but he did.   But on occasions she would turn up again, like a bad smell. But eventually she did finally fad of into the sunset.

  Eric had realized that the time to free himself up was now . He had a shagging partner  and we were both up for it! literately.

 After a while Dave and I got settled down in Bath Road things ran smoothly for him and I . He was no trouble a pretty quiet fellow. It was for me, a good base of operations.

Eric and I got the women situation down to a fine art.  If we hadn’t picked anything up at any of our local haunts we would head to Wroughton. Where the two dreaded ‘ D’s “ were waiting.  Pauline for me and Denise for Eric. 

 Denise was a short blond girl with big knockers and Pauline , who was taller with dark haired with a fringe. They were both always up for a good “ Bunk Up “  Can’t remember where we met them, something tells me it was probably the Moonrakers pub on the edge of Swindon. But we used to have them over at Bath Road when Dave was up in London for the weekend.

  Dave would take off  to London for a long week end. And then it was pussy galore for Eric and I, we would invite the girls  from Wroughton over. We never worried about the other people living in the house on Bath road.  And they never complained about any noise. I’m sure at times we were really noisy.

I often wanted to  screw the slightly older  woman on the third floor . But Eric said that she was too old for me. Probably he was right. But we were never short of pussy. and to be honest at times it was great if we didn’t have anything to screw . So we could have an early night and try to then get to work early in the morning. Jack Viner our foreman in the Pressed Steel tool room  used to pull out his hair when he saw us come in late nearly every morning. Luckily for Eric and I Viner like both of us and once we got to work we were two of his better workers.

 One Christmas   Eric and I threw a mini party in the flat on Bath Road. Dave had taken off to London for the Christmas holidays. So we were there with  four girls from Wroughton.    Eric got really fucking loaded and  threw up in the shared bathroom along the hall from the flat.

Pauline, did not bat an eyelid. She was great she cleaned it up.

I would like to point out here that we only drank beer and the like. No drugs at any time. That goes for anybody that we hung out with. That’s the way our crowd was. Drugs were never on the horizon. Never ever considered.

 Pauline was a nice girl not pretty but attractive. Sex with her was great.  There we were , Eric and I and four girls from Wroughton.  Eric was banging Denise who had big ones and the Italian looking girl also  with big tits. And I was banging Pauline a.k.a. dog legs and the other big titted taller girl from Wroughton. We all got pretty well smashed and had the time of our lives.

The Beatles first L.P. got pretty well played a lot. It could of have not been better. Eric had the two birds sleeping with him . And I had Pauline and the tall girl in my bed. I don’t think that Pauline liked me shagging her tall Wroughton friend, but she knew that if she went along with it she would get all the shagging that she wanted down the road.  Anyhow she had to go along with it because Eric was fucking the other two. It was a pretty wild three or four days. 


 There was another girl that I got to shag on a regular basis, her name was Gaie.  She lived in Highworth about twelve miles or so from Swindon. She loved to go dancing in Swindon at Macleroy’s on a Monday evening   It was always a great night.  With live shows from the likes of” The Stones”,  “Gerry and the Pacemakers” and “The Beatles.”  The Small Faces.”  Etc.;

But, because the dance finished so late she had no way of getting home because all the buses to Highworth from Swindon, stopped running around nine o’clock.

 So the deal that she and I worked out was this. 

 She would dance all night and have fun  with her friends and I would go around with Eric  looking for fresh targets. Then when the dance was over, I would take her back to Bath road, for an hour or two of good old fashioned fucking.  Gale was around 18 as were most of the girls that we associated with.

She was a very pretty blond girl about five foot five and had a great body and nice big tits. I was always up (so to speak) for fucking her on a Monday evening. It made for a really late night. But I got her home safe and in return I  got laid.

Here’s a thought ,maybe she liked getting it regularly on a Monday evening  You know what , I never thought to ask her!

 Eventually Gale  landed up going out with Eric and he was shagging her for some time. 


   I can’t remember how long  Dave and I   were at the flat on Bath road I would say a year or eighteen months or or so. 

 When one night I had been out with Eric and I got home back at the Flat. I was in the kitchen , when I heard this groaning noise coming from Dave’s bedroom.  I went in to his room ,it was in pitch darkness I put on the light there was Dave in bed looking awful. He was a grey green colour.

I said Dave What’s wrong Mate? He said I don’t know I feel fucking awful. I feel as sick as a dog!

 I wasted no time and hauled him out of bed. He was in bed with all his clothes on.  That’s how cold he was!

 I told  Dave that I was taking him to the hospital .So I struggled with him down the stairs and outside into the mini. I gunned the mini down the road to  Princess Margaret Hospital  which was about a mile down the road.

   I took him into the Emergency room. And they took over from me. Well , it turns out that he had a bad case of Pneumonia. 

 Dave was kept in hospital for a few days. When he was better I went down and brought him back to the flat. 

 Dave was in bed for a few more days then he said that he was going back to London to live with his mum, permanently.






Chapter 16 : Scoring with the birds, flat number 2 Goddard Ave.

This is the flat on Godard Ave. Eric and I rented the upper half of the unit last but one from the corner house.  pictured below…

     Eight days a week 

Goddard Ave. house Swindon



This house on Godard Avenue is the last house here from the end but one. At first, it was a bit of a blow to hear about losing my flatmate Dave Reynolds. but, sometimes things just work out for the better.  So, it was just coincidental that just at this time with Dave deciding to go back to live in London. Eric’s parents told him that they were moving to Sheffield. ( So there is a God ) For sure,  Eric had no interest in leaving Swindon and going to Sheffield.  So he and I started to look for another place other than Bath Road.  Eventually, we found a flat in a two-storied terraced house just down Bath Road down a side turning not too far from the Hospital, on Godard Ave. This is where we were to set up “Shop “for the next two years.

The first thing that we did when we moved in was to choose bedrooms. I guess that I won the toss because I landed up with the bedroom with the double bed. Eric landed up with the bedroom that had a single bed. Even though he lost the toss he had no complaints.

  Working at Pressed Steel on only three or four hours of sleep a night could be pretty tough sometimes. The Job in the Pressed Steel tool room could be pretty physical at times. also But we both loved the job and we made it thro…………….

  One Saturday afternoon, soon after moving into the flat on Goddard Avenue  I came home  I had been working overtime at  Pressed Steel, I opened the front door and went upstairs. As I was walking along the passageway towards the kitchen, I could hear heavy breathing, Lots of it. All coming from Eric’s room. The door was open so I went in  There I found Eric crashed out on his single bed with two full-grown greyhounds and an old geezer.   Eric and the old geezer were totally drunk and passed out and the greyhounds were just resting up on top of the drunken pair.  I just shook my head. And went into the kitchen and made a cup of tea.

   It’s impossible to make up shit like this.

The story was this on the greyhounds and Irish John….  As was his name. John was thrown out of his lodgings along with his dogs evidently his girlfriend had enough of his lack of payment towards the rent. This was due to the fact whenever he did get any money he would piss it up the wall.  So she threw him out along with his two greyhoundsJohn then goes to the Railway Hotel at the bottom end of Swindon, which was one of Eric’s favorite watering holes. Where in the bar he proceeded to tell Eric and anybody who would listen to him what had happened. I don’t know what the hell Eric was thinking about when he told John that he could come and stay at our place.  I have no problem helping somebody out for a couple of nights until they could fix themselves up somewhere. But a small upstairs two bedrooms flat with two full-grown greyhounds and three men .. Give me a break. I was definitely not a happy camper. But Eric was a good-hearted kid so, it was what it was.  and I went along with it.

  We put John up on the couch in the sitting room.  Luckily, Eric at the time was banging Mary, the daughter of the Masons Arms Publican in Old town Swindon. Just a couple of blocks from our place. And further, luckily The Masons Arms was a really old pub,  and there were some old stables at the side of the Masons. So we talked Mary into letting John keep the dogs there in the stables until he found a home for them.   Good, so, the dogs were gone. Next John! This was to be more fucking difficult than you would imagine. It took about another six weeks to get rid of that drunken smelly old Irish Navy fucker.

  John would sit there at the kitchen table and smell like hell. We used to say to him.

“John for  fucks sake go have a bath! “  (Showers at the time were not in vogue, so it was a bath or fuck all.) Eventually, even Eric had enough of him. At night we would not answer the doorbell when John rang it at 2 a.m. drunk as usual. .  After a while it became a game. We even disconnected the doorbell so that he would not hang on it. Then he found a way to open the downstairs window and creep in and sleep in a rolled-up carpet on the floor. Luckily or unluckily there was nobody renting downstairs.

We would sit there on a Sunday morning at the kitchen table where we had spent our last few shilling on eggs and bacon.  Which we bought at a little grocery store across the road. We would be eating and drinking our tea. At first, we used to feed him. But we realized that being nice to him was not going to get rid of him!   So we wouldn’t give him any breakfast and he still would not get the hint and find himself somewhere to live.  The fucker would sit at the table while Eric and I ate our eggs and bacon he would be drooling at the mouth and of course smelling at the same time.

One night he came back to our place drunk as a skunk. There he was ringing the doorbell. It was about 1.00 a.m. The door was opened for him. However, he had been ringing the wrong doorbell. He was ringing the doorbell next door. Unfortunately for him,  a young copper who was living there answered the door. The copper did not take too kindly to being woken up at that time in the morning. So he ran him in and John spent the rest of the night in the slammer.  How we finally got rid of him I don’t know how but we did.  Eric learned from his mistake and never bought home any more strangers. Unless they were female. That, of course, was different and that was O.K. One other point, John never gave us a penny towards any food.

We would feed girls breakfast at the drop of a hat. and give them anything else that they wanted. It was all in good clean fun.

  I met Johnny a year or so later in downtown Swindon Regent  Street. He said to me. “ Do you remember that copper that lived next door to you that ran me in”  “ I said “ Yes   I thought how could I forget, he went on to say that a few weeks before he had seen him on traffic duty in the center of town. I guess being pissed, as usual, John said that he ran into the intersection and took a swing at the copper. Who being a nice bloke that he was. Arrested John and put him in the slammer again.

The 60’s music was the best, the fucking greatest.  As I have already stated throughout this book. There was not another time that music was any better. Eric and I were either at Mckillroys on a Monday night or at the Locarno on a Thursday and Saturday. It was British invasion time. Saturday nights were the best. But they were all good.

Tuesday Wednesday Friday and Sunday, those days and nights were spent shagging the girls that we picked up on Monday Thursday and Saturday. All in good clean Fun.

Although most of the top ten in this time period were British records that were played in the pub jukeboxes there was some prominent US artist that stood out. Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe” along with Bob Dillon’s ” The Times They are A-Changing ” as well The Birds ” Tambourine Man ” which was written by Dillon.

One night Eric and I picked up two “ Birds “ in the Locarno and we loaded them into the mini we pulled away from the Locarno up to the traffic lights by the Masons Arms and I turned right. The next thing I know there was a crash and somebody came through the windshield I had hit a scooter with a bloke and the girl on it cannot remember much else. But down the road, I went to court and got off really light.  So after this little episode, I backed off on the drinking and driving. The night that I had the crash with the mini we had two birds with us who were our kinda regulars. the thing about these two was this. After we had been fucking them on a regular basis, we got back to the flat on Goddard Avenue one night, and it went something like this.

I was soberer than the other three since my accident I was drinking very little. So, I had for some time wanted to bang Eric’s girl. There was nothing wrong with the girl that I had, I think that I just wanted a change.  Besides I think that Eric’s girl had a better body mine was a tad prettier. This particular night we said to the girls”

“Wanna play  a game tonight ?”

“Sure they said ”

So we said.

” O.K. we’re going to change thing up tonight. You two I said pointing to the girls to see what bed your sleeping in. are going to toss a coin. And, every time you come here this is what you’re going to do.  Whoever wins the toss decides on what bedroom they are going to sleep in, mine or Erics. But it will not necessarily be me in my bed or Eric in his. because we have the option of switching bedrooms. You’ll give us a few minutes to clean our teeth in the bathroom then you two can get ready for bed while we decide which bed we are going to be in. the bedroom light will be off when you go into the bedroom so you won’t know who’s in the bed. So, you will be getting a surprise, amongst other things!”

The girls thought that it was a fun idea and treated it like a game. But unbeknownst to them Eric and I had already decided all this earlier in the day. I can’t remember if Eric and I changed bedrooms or not. I think that we decided to stay put in our own bedrooms. But I do remember that I got Erics Bird. So that’s what we did with those two and they were up for it every time. Doing this was almost like getting a different shag every time that we did it. And the girls, loved it and thought that it was a fun game.  And we didn’t give a fuck what they thought, as long as we got our rocks off.

 Flat  # 2 ,    Eight days a week 

On Goddard Avenue, things started to evolve.

More often than not, usually on a Saturday night  Sunday morning we would have female visitors stay over. This could create a problem for us. The reason being if we had a couple of more birds coming over and it would not be too kosher to have birds there already. So if this was the case we would give them the ‘ bums rush ” and we would jet them out of the house via the back door, down the stairs along the garden path and into the Mini and then, away.

If we had no more birds coming over, we would usually talk to the girls that were there already into going back to bed. Sometimes we would change partners. Changing partners could sometimes be easy, other times it was not so easy because the girls would think that they were in love with one or even both of us. At this point, we were much too busy arranging our calendar to think of being in love. Once a leg over was scored we usually were already looking for the next target.

So, living the life that we lead ran us out of money. Usually, we would be broke by Sunday night. We did not get paid  until Thursday you can see that there was a problem

One of our plays when we had no money and no food was this.

  We had to survive till payday on Thursday.  This was a lot of time to go without food.  So what we would do was to get hold of any girl that we knew and get ourselves invited over to their house for supper. Sunday was usually pretty easy but the week was a lot harder. We usually went solo because it was hard to get two guys invited into a girl home. Especially when you don’t know the parents. If all else failed we would go to 31 Buckland, my mums’ house. She was always glad to see us. Of course, we never told her that we were only over for a meal. But it was nice to see her. And she liked Eric.  

There was a girl who was a friend of Cass  ( a girl that i dated off and on.)  from Naughton Road. She lived a few doors away from Cass. She really liked me so I would get myself invited over to her place occasionally.  Her parents were nice people, I think that they were from somewhere in eastern Europe. Anyhow, I want to call her Wendy, was an only child.  I’m not saying that the parents were on the lookout for a future son-in-law, but they were very nice to me.   ( How I met Cass is just ahead)

I think that it was Cass that told me that they would buy her ” Stuff ” for her bottom drawer so that when she did get married she would have a good start on married life.  Things like electric iron, electric kettle, sheets and blankets.  soon. maybe they were being frugal and looking out for their daughter, but at my stage in life the early twenties I found it a bit strange. But I was visiting for a free meal not to inspect her bottom drawer. sexual she did not appeal to me. She was kinda pretty but to my way of thinking she was a tad overweight.  Yes, very shallow indeed!

 I also used to go over to Pauline’s not my sister,  in the village of Wroughton. She had a nice family and Pauline always made sure that I was well fed. Because she knew that in the week we had no money for food. At the same time as I was at Pauline’s Eric would get himself invited over to another Wroughton girls place. Can’t remember her name but she was Italian and for sure had a big set.. and Eric was a favourite with her. I’m still here to tell the tale, so I guess that we got enough to eat.

As I said previously, a night out with Eric and I, would usually consist of the following….We would go to the Plough, up at Old Town Swindon, which was located just of off the top of Victoria Hill down a side street. I think that we would consider the Plough as “Home Base”    The Plough was run by Jim and Maria and was perfect for us to start our night off. 

The Plough was an old English Tudor pub and as well as drinks and good pub food there would usually be a variety of prime pussy. Once we had a couple of was just to get the night started. we would get ” Half in the Bag ” in the Plough. From there we would go to the Bunch of Grapes, Cross Keys or one or two of the umpteen amount of pubs at the top of Old Town. 

 I cannot stress enough about how highly successful we were when it came to chatting up women. Eric and I, were a great tag team when it came to looking for, chatting up women, then from there taking them back to our flat and fucking them.  It seemed that we could charm the panties off almost any girl.

We used to have a different girl most nights. The name and faces of most of them are a long distant memory. At that time Swindon had lots of young fuckable girls. Once that they knew that Eric and I had our own place with no parental controls they would come over and it would not be too long before they were in bed with knickers removed. Occasionally there would be three in the bed. Eric and I didn’t give a shit the more the merrier. It was usually one girl but on the odd occasion, there would be two girls We didn’t care we’d screw them both.

Occasionally we would have the odd girl that wanted more than what we had to give. So, I would say

” Go and see if Eric is busy. “!

Or Eric would say to the girl in his bed,

Go to Bryan’s bedroom and see if he needs an extra bunk up

 At this time in the early to mid-60’s the Beatles and the Stones had already taken off but there was an explosion of English pop groups. All the English groups in the charts came to the Locarno in Old Town Swindon to play 

So when we hit on birds we only picked on ones that were pretty and or ones that had great bodies. As stated Already, In other words, we only picked the cream of the crop. And for sure we never went out with overweight or ugly ones.   If we could we liked to pick them up in pairs.  So that the four of us had the same agenda. 

The birds that we stayed away from were the pairs of girls where one was pretty and the other one was overweight and or to our way of thinking, ugly. I guess at the time we were very shallow. Very fucking Shallow, indeed!  But that’s how it was at the time. So, when one of us got the pretty one the other one had the overweight one, no, that did not work for us. We wanted it so that we both had good lookers. So we looked for “ Good Looking pairs ‘!

There was another way of looking at a pair of birds. One ugly and one pretty, what if we felt like swooping. neither of us was going to switch a pretty one for an ugly one. No Fucking Way!

The key thing here is this, and it was a very important factor at the time.  Blokes at that time lived at home until they got married, then they would move out from their parents place into their own place with their new bride. So having a place of your own without parents was heaven.I only remember one girl having a place of her own. And she was Muriel from the Dictaphone office in East Acton in London.. I would assume that the only reason that she had her own place was, the fact that she was even at her young age was divorced.

 What we saw at Mckillroys and at the Locarno were all those groups in the hit parade at the time or that we’re going to be in the hit parade. At Mckillroys there was the Beatles and the Stones, Gerry and the Pacemakers Long John Baldry. At the Locarno. The Searchers, The Animals, The  Swinging Blue Jeans. The list from the Locarno goes on and on.  For years the Locarno brought in top groups.

I did not always hang out with Eric. He liked to go to the Railway Hotel some nights. So I would usually hang out with Dave.

So at the Locarno ballroom one particular  Saturday night.   I was there with a friend of mine Dave. (This is not Dave Reynolds another Dave)  Eric was  drinking at one of the pubs on the bottom end of town, with his drinking buddy Willie  at the   Railway Hotel

  Anyhow Dave was unlike Eric when it came to picking up women. He was on the shy side. So it became hard work to hit on birds. But this night he surprised me. We were watching the birds on the dance floor and getting ready to make some moves.  When Dave says to me  

“ Bry’, see those two birds on the dance floor I said

“ Yes “.

  “ Can you do me a favour and dance with the slim one wearing glasses? “ 

 So I said, “ Fuck me Dave  give me a break ! “ he says

, “ Be a sport and I’ll owe you one! “ So I reluctantly said “ O.K.   (Eric would never ask me to do that but seeing as it was Dave I agreed)

 So we went onto the dance floor and Dave started to talk to the girl he knew and  I just stood next to the slim girl in the glasses. The band started to play and Dave started to dance with the girl that he knew. So, I was left to dance with “Glasses “. So that’s the way it went on for the rest of the night. Dave doing all the chatting up and me just tagging along with ” Glasses “ .

We danced and drank some beer in the bar, danced some more. Drank more beer. Danced some more. Me, I was just being polite to help Dave out. This went on until the dance finished at 11. p.m. And for once for the whole evening, I had said as little as possible. I guess because I was not interested in this girl. We left the Locarno and all four of us piled into Dave’s big fancy Yankee black V-eight.  With  Glasses and I in the back seat. 

 We then drove to Dave’s girl place. He pulls up outside her house and they start to kiss and whatever in the front seat 

I thought I’ll just kiss this bird for the experience. There was not much point in sitting there looking out of the car window or watching the two in the front seat. Well!

    Bang “ she was fucking hotter than a firecracker! 

What a kisser. I  never got laid or anything but I made a date to see glasses outside the Odeon in downtown  Swindon the next day Sunday at 4.30 p.m.……Well, I remembered that I had a date so here was my problem So the dance hall was dark at the back of Dave’s Yanky car was in darkness and thirdly I was half in the bag.

When I saw her again I was still not quite sure that it was her.  I did eventually did ask her name and she told me the name was Carole but I could call her Cass.  Cass! What kind of fucking name was that! Cass!

 Cass lived on Naughton Road Swindon. Which was a few blocks from my parents place at 31, Buckland Close So, in a nutshell, I tried fucking this girl, off and on for the next 18 months. I really liked being with her . she liked being with me because whenever I went around to Naughton Road to see her she would come out with me. I finally gave up trying to screw her, I was wasting my time with her when I could of have been with somebody who would put out. I had her stark naked in bed many times to no avail. No kooky nothing. Finally, I got the message.

So back to  Godard Ave , to the flat on the second floor.

 At the Locarno. The Searchers, The Animals, The  Swinging Blue Jeans, Freddy and the Dreamers.  The list from the Locarno goes on and on.  The Locarno brought in top groups. as already stated. These groups brought in the birds and the birds attracted the likes of Eric and I.  We were what they wanted and were looking for but they didn’t know it or realise it at the time. But we soon changed that.

One good thing about hunting for Birds as Eric and I did, if one of them got them off, then the likelihood of the other doing was very high. Then once they both were getting it regularly they didn’t seem to want to stop. Which was fine with us two. To the point that we would sometimes have a backlog of girls.  As I have said somewhere in this book. Sometimes I would be taking girls out the back door to the car. While Eric would be ushering in other girls in the front door. This was usually on a Saturday night Sunday morning”The Dirty Filthy Lucky Bastards!”



The Spotted Cow on the edge of Swindon at Coat Water

  One place that Eric and I went to on occasions was the Spotted Cow just of off Marl bough  Road on the edge of Swindon. We discovered that the best time to go there was on a Friday night. This was because on a Friday night there was sometimes a girls night out or a wedding party. ( Same thing ) 

      This particular Friday night Eric and I sat by this ring of girls sitting around a large round table in the Spotted Cow bar.  We had picked up on the fact that they were a wedding party that consisted of the bride and the maid of honour and about six other girls from the bridal party.

     The Bride and maid were really pretty girls. The Bride had nice short blond hair, the Maid had long brownish-black hair. As the night wore on we slowly worked our way into the party. We bought them drinks, they shared their pub food with us. Eric became a hit with the bride. The maid of honour was then my target.  As the night wore on and it started getting late the six other girls left, all saying  “ See yer in the morning ” Which was perfect as that left us with the bride and maid of honour.  This was a weird set up, but we didn’t care, free Nooky was free Nooky.

      Finally, it was closing time. By then the bride to be was pretty well pissed, the maid of honour was O.K. as she had to drive the bride back to her house where she was evidently staying for the weekend with the bride.  Being old hands at the game. Eric and I had kept relatively sober. We help the girls with their coats and we went out into the car park.

We found their car it was parked in a corner of the parking lot under a tree.   The next thing I knew was Eric had the bride up against the side of the car and they kissing like there was no tomorrow. I put my arm around the Maid and eased her towards me. She then turned me and, we started kissing.

      The next thing I know Eric, and the bride were getting into the back of the car. So I and the Maid got into the front seats of the car.  After a short, while I looked into the rearview mirror, I gave it a little adjustment and saw the brides head bobbing up and down. I looked at the Maid and I eased my seat back a bit. ( Thinking that I had to leave Eric some headroom.)the Maid looked over at me kissed me and down went her head. Unzipping me as she went. Heaven!   In the rearview mirror, I saw the bride climb onto Eric. He saw me looking and I saw the thumbs up. From there on it was all action,  sucking and fucking on the front and back seats. 

  After some time there was a pause in the action. The car was steaming  Then the bride said

“Let’s swap places this is my last night of freedom”..

The Maid went along with it   So Eric and I   switched places   I   climbed into the back seat.  Eric gets into the front of the car.

    Eric had certainly warmed up the Bride, she was hot as a firecracker. It was not too long before she started to give me a blow job and then after a while, I was all over her. Eric hadn’t had the curtsy to take of her bra. So I had to do it . What a nice set of knockers!  Wow!. Then I was into her missionary position. While I was fucking her I was thinking that her husband to be, he was a lucky fucker she was a  really good lay. Meanwhile, Eric was nailing the Maid in the front seat. the Fucking car was rocking.  the next time I looked over at the two in the front Eric had the door open and was doing the Maid from behind. Fuck me! what a night this turned out to be.

After some time the car was steaming up badly even with the front passenger door open. so we opened up the windows. I was soaked in sweat. I think that  we all were. The girls were laughing, obviously, they had had a good time as had we also. 

Eric and I got out of the car , both girls got into the front of the car. We were all adjusting our clothing . luckily the parking lot was empty by then. Dicks were going back in their underwear and trousers were  zipped up. Bras were put back on and adjusted and panties were put on around the feet and pulled up. 

    Laughingly we kissed them both good night. As the lights of the car were disappearing up the road from the Spotted Cow parking lot , Eric says to me , “Bry we never got their phone number or anything. “ 

I said” Eric if we see them again it was meant to be.”

We never did see them again. Never got their names or  a phone number never got any details whatsoever, but it was a night to remember.

 Life in this place was far more hectic than it was in the Bath Road flat with Dave Reynold’s   Here  in Godard Avenue was  It was “Pussy Galore “. Seven days a week.  But back then, according to the Beatles it was “ Eight days a week.” And I tell you; sometimes it felt like it was more than eight days a week! Screwing all those girls sometimes was a hard slog. Working at Pressed Steel on only three or four hours of sleep a night , could be pretty daunting sometimes . But we made it thro……………. 

After a while, at Godard Avenue, Eric and I got the women situation down to a fine art. If we hadn’t picked anything up at any of our local haunts we would head to Wroughton. Where the two dreaded ‘ D’s “ were waiting.Pauline for me and Denise for Eric.

      Denise was a short blond girl with big knockers and Pauline , who was taller with dark-haired with a fringe.i she also had a protruding tooth on one side of her mouth which made her look quite sexy They were both always up for a good “ Bunk Up “  Can’t remember where we met them but we used to have them over at Bath Road when Dave was up in London for the weekend.

      When Dave and I were living at the  Bath Road flat  Dave would take off  to London for a long weekend. And then it was pussy galore for Eric and I, we would invite the girls over. We never worried about the other people living in the house on Bath road.  And they never complained about any noise. I’m sure at times we were really noisy, I often wanted to  screw the slightly older  woman on the third floor . But Eric said that she was too old for me. Probably he was right. But we were never short of pussy. and to be honest at times it was great if we didn’t have anything to screw . So we could have an early night and try to then get to work early in the morning. Jack Viner our foreman used to pull out his hair when he saw us come in late nearly every morning. Luckily for Eric and I Viner like both of us and once we got to work we were two of his better workers.



  One other place we like to “ Troll” for Birds was a pub called the Moonrakers. The Moonrakers was at the other end of town and the only reason that we didn’t like to go there was because of the local beer. Arkle’s. It was a local brew but we would only drink it if we had to. 

    Like I said we would only go there for a change . one time I had my eye on this red-headed girl with long hair. Not only did she have beautiful hair but she was pretty to boot. She was not very tall but she was built. And , as a bonus she had a nice set of knockers. Big ones. Well I went out on a date with her and we landed up in my bed in Bath Road. She was a very shy girl but not in bed.. I canny remember what happened to her . I should of have kept her for longer than I did . but here was the problem . there was so much of it around  Lots ! We wanted it all. But only the ones with the best bodies s  the prettiest faces. I guess at the time you could of have called me “ Very shallow “

      I guess after a while Eric and I got a reputation for picking up girls and I don’t know if we got better at it or that the girls wanted to get on our shagging list. We didn’t know or care . the main object was to get laid, and the more the merrier! Fuck one fuck all.

  Eric and I were the perfect fucking company.  He was a good looking lad . Taller than I was with big cow type eyes and brown curly hair. He was great at charming the nickers of off any girl.  He was a year or so younger than me.

As I mentioned before his longtime girlfriend, that I thought he would land up with  was  Kate. Kate was an attractive looking girl from the same knobby area of Swindon as Eric came from . the Windsor Road area. I would say that he had been screwing her on a regular basis over the years. As I said,  I really thought that he would land up with her on a permanent basis. But it was not in the stars, or anywhere else for that matter.

  Eric and I would on occasions seem to land up with girl that one of us had banged already. Gale was a case in point.  Another time I landed up dating a girl that Eric had known for years. Jackie Bicknell. I went out with Jackie for a while. One of the main reasons that I went out with Jackie was the fact that when I was at her house her parents would feed me. . They treated me like a son, they were really nice to me I used to stay over at Jackie’s house on a Friday night. then on Saturday morning. I would drop her off at work at a tobacco company. And I would go on to Pressed Steel to work some overtime. One morning at Jackie’s house she collapsed to the floor of the bedroom and was shaking all over. I quickly called out to her parents who attended Jackie on the floor.  She was having a seizure of some kind. I think she had had them before. but it certainly scared the heck out of me. She recovered O.K.

 While I was seeing Jackie Bicknell. Eric was dating   Mary  the Publicans  daughter   that ran the  Mason  Arms in Old Town. She is the one that helped with the boarding of the two greyhounds that belonged to Irish John. Mary was full of life and was crazy about Eric. Anyhow, Eric kept on telling me that I should go out with Mary’s friend, who just by coincident was also called Jackie.  Jackie Clissold. 

 Well after weeks of nagging me I finally agreed to see this Jackie. When I did, I was smitten. Eric was right she was absolute honey. Very pretty, Long blond hair willowy figure about five foot six or so. with the greatest  arse. She also had  the most  sexy husky voice. People thought that Jackie was Swedish . 

Nice girl, Jackie Bicknell got dumped by me and Eric and I went out with Mary and  Jackie, Jackie Clissold. Who turned out to be , that  when it came to sex that Jackie was hotter than any coal from a burning fire. She was one of the best fucks and blow jobbers ever. In the flat or in the back of the mini, it was all the same to her. As long as we were together she was happy.  

There was two, fucking major problems with dating Jackie……She was seeing a bloke called Robert. But luckily for me,he was away at Oxford University in the week. And only came home on weekends.  Which freed me up for other girls on the weekends. But at that time I really wanted to be with Jackie all the time. She wanted it to. But she was frightened of Robert and her mother. Especially her mother.

Jackie and Robert were engaged. But as I said , I was fucking her  and getting lots blow jobs through  the week. One week end I managed to talk her into going up to London for the week end. We stayed at my nans place in Kilburn.

It was great to roll around in a double bed  together all night. But we had to go back to Swindon on the Sunday night  This romance could of have gone all the way but it was not to be.  She was another one of those girls that got away. It was a real shame. But it was what it was!  Unfortunately, Robert found out about Jackie and I and her mother and he must of clamped down on our “Meetings “and the undercover romance slid to a halt. I guess on reflection. We could of have fucked Robert and her mother over  by getting married . But at that time, the thought never entered my head. If it had and I married Jackie my whole life would have been different.

 One evening Eric and I were having a quiet night . we had no birds to see .So we were in the Cross Keys . Just chatting away  and drinking a pint or two. When then across the bar, I couldn’t believe my eyes, It was Christine Reynolds sitting with a dark-skinned fellow  at the far end of the bar. I put two and two together and figured out that this was the manager of the Singer Sewing Machine Shop. He was the guy that Christine left  Dave for. She caught my eye and smiled.

I signalled with my eyes towards the washrooms. She got up and headed towards them. I was already getting a boner .  I got up and headed towards the washrooms. As I got there she was awaiting for me she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the women’s washrooms, and from there she pulled me into the end stall. She quickly sat down on the toilet and pulled me towards her. Next thing I know she unzipping me and started to show me her expertise in giving blow jobs.  By now I’m gently feeling up her  large breasts and I’m fully erect.

I had a flash back to the night that Dave was at work and we went at it in the Kitchen and the bedroom. She was giving me her all and it  did not take her long to bring me to a climax. Wow !. When she was done she looked up at me a smiled. I said” Wow! That was great, thanks, how are you she said

 ” Good” ,  I  said, Very Good!  she stood up and kissed me on the cheek and was gone. 

I was left standing in the women’s washroom with my fly’s undone and my pecker hanging out. I quickly zipped up and went back into the bar. I sat down next to Eric. And he said

“ Are we going to stay here  all night are we going somewhere else? “there doesn’t seem to be  any likelihood of any action here

 I  Said we’ll stay here for a bit longer,  I just got a blow job. Maybe we could get you one .”

    Eric said “What  the fuck are talking about? Who gave you a blow job?”

      I then explained to him about Christine and all that went on with her and Dave. And about the evening in her flat where she virtually seduced me.

Eric goes Wow !  Then he starts to smile when I told him what just went on in the ladies washroom and that Christine was sitting across the far end , of the bar, with a dark-skinned feller.

 He looks over and says,

 “Bry she’s got big ones! and she is pretty, very pretty!”

I said you’re telling me .I was laughing like a drain.

 Just then Christine looks over, I smiled across at her (Mr. Singer Sewing Machine Manager had his back to us ) and I put my arm around Eric’s shoulders , and gave her the expression which said .

“How about blowing my friend here?”

With that I said to Eric  go to the washrooms see if she’ll go too. So Eric takes off  with Christine watching  once  he was out of sight she stands up and heads towards the Ladies, smiling at me on her way. 

 They were gone for about 15 minutes  or so when she came back. And headed to her boyfriend  the end of the bar. Eric came back  a few minutes later he was all smiles. He says to me 

 “Thanks Bry ‘that was great .”

“ I said , You owe me.”

 That was not the end of the Christine by a long shot. About a week or so later it was on a Saturday afternoon.  We were at home and  Eric tells me that he’s got two birds coming over for the afternoon. And if we play our cards right maybe we can both get laid!

  He had hardly got the words out of his mouth when the doorbell rang. and Eric goes down and opens the front door. I hear him talking to somebody. there’s silence as they come up the stairs into the kitchen.

 In comes Eric followed by ….. Christine!

   Well I was taken aback  I was expecting some birds that I didn’t know but instead ,  it was Christine , Wow!

 She came over to me and I stood up I was thinking  this could be better than two birds.  I put my arms around her and gave her a kiss, I was rubbing my body against her and I know that she could feel my instant boner. She was loving it and laughing at the same time. I said this is a nice surprise.  By now Eric was beside her with his arm around her . 

I said to Eric”  Why didn’t you  tell me Christine  was coming. ? “

 He said” I wanted to surprise you”

 I said, “ You’ve certainly  done that alright!”

 Christine was laughing and loving all the attention that she was getting. She said are you  going to show me around . So we showed her the sitting room, which we never used. Then Eric’s bedroom with his single bed. The my bedroom with the double bed . 

 She said this is more like it. And sat on the edge of the bed and bounced up and down testing the bed springs. She had on a skirt and top which magically came off. I help her with her bra.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those big tits.. They were wonderful.  I looked at Eric, but he was too busy stripping of.

      I started to take off my clothes by the time I had my underwear  of ,Eric was in full flight getting a blow job.  Christine was on her knees with one hand on Eric’s hip and the other around his pecker.  I   sat on the bed  and watched  the action for a bit, 

 After a while Eric gets Christine to stand . Next thing I know he is taking  her from the behind. As she was leaning over the bed, she looked at me and said “Bryan  get on the bed .” I did tooth sweet  I laid there with my pecker in the air . Soon , very soon, a pair of warm lips were settling around my pecker and I was in heaven.

  Christine certainly could multi-task. Giving me oral sex  me while getting fucked doggy fashion  by Eric. 

   It took some time , but Eric and I  switched places after a while. This time  with Eric getting a blow job and me getting it like a bow-wow.

 I don’t know how long we were at it but we certainly had a lot of fun , fucking and blowjobs.

Then I decided to have a breather so I   sat in the arm chair and watch those two going  at it . Sometimes cheering them on . Then we switched place and Eric sat in the chair watching Christine and I go at it.

 And, Finally we all landed up  in heap on the middle of my bed totally fucked out . 

 She was with us for about 3-4 hours.   Eventually we cleaned up and got dressed  in the bathroom. We chatted for a while in the kitchen drinking tea. Finally as it was starting to get dark said that she had to go. she  kissed us both goodbye and left.  Wow!

 It seems that when Eric was at the Cross Keys and after Christine gave him a blowjob he got a  phone number from her , he called her up a few days later and arranged the Saturday afternoon visit.

 I never asked her what she was up to. Neither did Eric. And she never volunteered any information. 

  Christine was to visit us every so often she loved to come over and we loved her to visit. Sometimes she would drop by sometimes nobody was home but she would leave a note . Other times she would arrive and both of us were there or only one of us would be there .  Saturday afternoons was a great time for a visit . with either one of us usually not working overtime.. If only one of us being there it was usually me . because Eric would be down at the railway Hotel with his Irish pals.   So I would get unplanned sex which was fucking great!

 A couple of  couple of hours with her  was wonderful,  I liked it, she loved it!

 Another strange set up was with me picking up this bird Anne, on a Saturday night at the pub The Bell, across the road  from the Locarno. I used to see her off and on just for the shagging of. Like your friendly sex buddy.

Well one afternoon, I met her in downtown Swindon’s  Regent Street. She was with an older woman who looked like her  she was in her thirties. She introduced her to me as her mother .  I thought Wow mother, A bit of alright. I shook her hand and she squeezed  mine . We chatted for a bit and, me being me , I got myself invited over for supper in the week.

A thing that Eric and I had to do because we had no money in the week. Anne’s mother cooked a great meal and then we sat around talking . As I was leaving for the evening she slipped a piece of paper in my hand with as I checked later her phone number on it.

 It turned out to be her work number. So, When I phoned her she hinted that we could go out on a date together . When she said together I thought she meant all three of us. But she said no, just the two of us. So I said O.K. and said I would meet her at the Cross Keys on the following  Thursday evening. She said Great! 

 So as I pulled up outside the Cross Keys she was standing in the doorway. It was pissing down with rain. She came round and got in the mini. As I pulled away she said where are we going. I said just to the flat I have forgotten something. When we arrived I invited her upstairs. I showed her around and showed her my bedroom last.

We sat on my bed and started to debate where we were going to go. When out of the blue she say’s “ we don’t really have to go anywhere. We are where we are going to be later so this gives us an early start. With that she starts to take of her top . A nod is as good as a wink to a blind man, so I helped her out of her bra. Wow she really had a nice set of knockers

So here was the situation. I had a MAD situation on my hands. A Mother and Daughter  I was banging both.. I was fucking Anne and her mother. I would say that  that this  would be a relatively  rare thing in the world of  fucking. I would be banging Anne on one night and going at it with her mother the next.

 Now here’s the thing.

 The trick was to get them both in bed together, that was going to be a bit tricky. So I gang planned a plan in my head to see where it might take me. First and foremost alcohol has to be involved, Just to loosen up the inhibitions of the two.  Secondly, should we get together in a   pub  or a restaurant, in the flat  or, in  their house?

 Next this was going to be a solo project , so no Eric for once.  If I canny do it alone I’ll have Eric for a backup. He’s always up for extra Nooky. So to would have to be a night when Eric is out boozing with his Iris buddies in the Railway  Hotel  Thursday night, is when Eric goes to the Railway Hotel. payday.  So Thursday  it was going to have to be. If I have it at the flat. 

After a lot of “ Brain Storming “ I decided to go for it in the girls house. I thought that I could at least talk the mother into a meal and I would bring some booze. If it didn’t work out the first time I can only but try again.. 

So I told Anne that when I came over that night  I would bring a few beers and some spirits with me. When I got there Anne gives me a kiss on my arrival and her mother Sue gave me a gentle hug. . They had some fish and chips and ice cream for dessert. Lined up for use. I plied the women as we were eating with drinks . It wasn’t long before they started to get a little pissed . I thought , Bryan we’re off to the races!

 As there was nothing on T.V. that was worth watching. So I said to the girls girls said let’s play cards. So out came the cards . I made sure that I was not winning so that they got into the swing of things. Cards became boring So right out of the blue I said this is boring Let’s play strip poker.  First of all, they said no, but after I said we are only playing for laughs.

So they went along with that. I had to explain the rules as we went along. it was not long before they were down to their undies, and I was getting a boner on.

     In the next deal, Anne lost her bra. Then it was her mother who lost, so off came her bra. I still had my clothes on, all of them. Sue lost the next round then it was Anne’s turn. It was like a movie script. I lost my socks and they were both naked . And Sloshed . 

    I stood up and said maybe we should finish this up in the bedroom and started to make my way to the nearest one. They just followed. Once in the bedroom I quickly got out of my clothes . and I stood there with a bone looking for somewhere to park it . 

     It just got crazy from there , with all three of us on the bed . I was giving oral sex to Anne while getting the same from Sue. We soon switched around and shortly thereafter I was banging one of them . Then I did the other . All the while I’m thinking to myself . why did I do all the mental planning . things worked out great, no deep thinking was required.  

         I always had a problem with girls that would fuck me and have a boyfriend. ( ref  Jackie Clissold )  Because the way I looked at it was this. If they would fuck me behind their boyfriends back they would do it to me! But, then on the other hand to be fair, maybe they thought that they had found “The One.”   Me?

     During my free week-ends when I was not  seeing Jackie Clissold I met a girl called Gillian . Probably it was at the Locarno Ballroom. Gillian Smith  was 16 at the time.  But I never found out this until later. She was a little taller than me about  five foot eight which put her about half an inch above me. Very pretty.  At the time she reminded me of Stephany Clarke. Her parent Jim and Phyllis Smith were very nice people and treated me good.  Jim worked for Gerrard’s a record turntable manufacturer. He had been there forever and 1963. was in the P.R. Department. Sometimes he would say to me . “  Guess who I spoke to today on the phone. ? “ Of course I had no idea. But I would play along and say “ Who “and he would say “. Paul McCartney” or another time it was”  George Harrison!”

 When I was not seeing Jackie I was seeing Gillian. Also 

     There was another girl that I saw in this time span, so I was seeing her to.—- —“ Pussy Galore “ Life was beyond great!

This is how it went down with her. While I was seeing Jackie Clissold we had to keep it low key ,just in case us dating got back to her fucking  mother or her fiancé Robert. Obviously I didn’t give a shit if it got back to Jackie’s mother  but I didn’t want to fuck up a good thing. So I played along with her cloak and dagger stuff. When we were not with Eric and Mary We would usually go and sit in the private bar in the Mason’s Arms in Old Town .

This bar was very quiet and had the lights turned down. Jackie and I would sit there and hold hands not saying too much . I think that we knew that we were on borrowed time . Because of Robert and Jackie’s mother.   Well! A lot of the times when we were in this bar and I got up to buy us a drink , I could see over into the Public bar. Sometimes there would be this girl over there with usually four to six people   They would be playing darts. She was always looking at me across the bars.

 Well, one night she signalled me with her eyes to meet her outside by the toilets. So I took our drinks back to Jackie and said that I was going to the washrooms. So when I got to the Masons washrooms she was waiting. And she told me that she wanted to see me. So I said O.K. and I fitted her into my busy schedule Time erases a lot of memories but I started to see her whenever I could. Back then it would properly be on the week ends ,when Jackie was with Robert. On reflection that’s how  it was.

 First Date we went outside Swindon on the back country road to the Shepherds  Rest. . I pulled into the Shepherds Rest parking lot and before I could get out of the car she was all over me kissing me and holding me . Next thing she unzips my fly and goes down on me . I thought wow ! this is fast even for me . But who was I to complain?

So I just let my seat back and enjoyed . When it was over I thought Wow again and we went into the Shepherds Rest. And we  had a drink and a chat. It Seems she was the daughter of the guy who was the head of Princess Margaret  Hospital in Swindon. She was like Eric , one of those that came from the Windsor Road area. The Knobby area of Swindon, that’s how I always thought of  it.

  So when we left the pub I dropped her off home she made me pull into her driveway and low and behold. Seconds. Well, Who was I to say no! So once again I let my seat go back and lay back and enjoyed. Was life good,or what?!

    I went out with her, of and on for the next month or so. I kept telling her as she was giving all these blowjobs that I wanted to move up to the next level and Fuck Her. But she resisted and keep saying” No.” and carried on giving me blow jobs. Blow Jobs, Blow Jobs galore.

    Finally I took her over to my parents place  at 31 Buckland so she could meet my mum and dad but nobody was home. So I took her up to my old bedroom and low and behold of came her knickers  and I banged her. At Last. Along with the usual Blow Job. After this event, I took her home and never saw her again. Why , I think that on reflection she was one of the best at oral sex but she was a C minus when it came to fucking. Maybe she knew that. Who knows.

   Goddard Avenue  was a busy place . Especially on the weekend. Sunday morning I would usually  be taking two birds out of the back door of the kitchen,  down the stairs and along the garden path to the green painted garage at the back of the garden. I would get the two girls into the mini and take them  home. Meanwhile Eric would be letting two more birds in the front door. Yes it was “ pussy galore !” and sometimes more.

  A   lot of the groups that we saw in Swindon were also the groups that made up the “The British Invasion “ The Animals, The House Of The Rising Sun,….The Searchers, Needles and Pins,  The Troggs , I want to be with A Girl like you,  The Swinging Blue jeans, Hippy Hippy  Shake. Lola

 So now, like I had been doing in the past . I was fucking two girls( or more)  at the same time. At that time I thought nothing of it. It was what it was.   

   I was dating Gillian Smith for some time.  It must have been at the end of 1966 when  Gill tells me that she was” Late “. I did not really get too worried at the time. Jackie who I was still seeing told me that she was “Late “also  But Jackie had Robert so I was not really as worried. If she was pregnant it was his problem.

 As time wore on it was to be. Gillian was pregnant. Was this possible after all the girls I had been banging. One gets pregnant. So this is what happens when you fuck somebody on the kitchen floor and you relax and don’t take any precautions.  Because that’s where I figured that is where it  happened. The next thing you know , we were planning a wedding. Holly Shit. I went home one night and told my mother “Mum I’m getting married! “ I have to mum. “ She says” You dirty dog you ! “ But I guess she was pleased because I was twenty five or so at the time. Well I was twenty six that December. And of course she was going to be a grandmother again. Pauline my sister, had one or two kids by then.

 Gill had two sisters Pat and Susan.  Pat was married to a fellow named Tony. Nice guy a bit of a wag. And at the time Susan was married to a fellow, who’s name escapes me at the moment. They did not have any kids. Their hobby was cycling. They had a nice lorry that they and their cycling club drove across the Channel and toured around France for the summers. Cycling and lazing on the French beaches. All very nice I thought, at the time.

 Side Bar.—–    Here’s the thing, Over the years I had this thought, it was not a deep thought but it was still there in the back of my mind . It did tend to nag at me on occasions. Phil and Jim Smith were not much taller than 5five feet and five three respectively. Gill’s two older sisters were no taller than their parents.

So how come Gillian was five feet eight ? This family  height thing would burn onto my brain as Martyn my son got into adulthood . Because he came in at 6 feet. And Angela my oldest daughter would grow to 5feet eight. Where was this height coming from? My mum was 5feet four and my dad was 5feet four and a half inches. The answer was to come many , many years later!



Chapter 4 Flavia’s school of dance

I guess my sister Pauline was about three or four in the late ’40s when mum signed her up for Flavia’s School of Dance. The Dance school rehearsed in an old church hall on Quex Road just of Kilburn High Road in Kilburn. Any extra rehearsing was done in a church about 3 doors from Flavia’s house. I think she lived on Brondesbury Villas

The dance school was run by Flavia  Pickworth and her dance school hence it was called Flavia’s School of Dance, and her pupils were  Flavia’s Starlets. The kids mainly girls were taught tap dance, ballet, acrobatics. and to sing and dance in general.  The dance school had an annual show which all the kids in the school participated in. and the show usually at the ‘Met” was always in front of a sell-out crowd.  The shows were very professionally done by Flavia and enjoyed by the kids their parents and of course the audiences.

Bryan age 12  his  first suit

Bryan Rogers at 12 years


So, now that Pauline was in shows mum had to take up dressmaking for the different costumes that Pauline had to wear. Three months prior to a show, the small kitchen at 201  had half-sewn dance costumes hanging up everywhere. Mum also took on dressmaking for the other dance pupils. So, our tiny kitchen became pretty tight for space.

As already stated, The shows were usually performed at the old-time music hall at the Metropolitan  Theater on the Edgware Road, which is in the Paddington area of London. The theatres’ location was almost at the junction of  Harrow Road and Edgware Road.  Just a few blocks up the road from Marble Arch.

After Pauline was at Flavia’s three to four years and with numerous shows under her belt.  Flavia decided to put on a Pantomime, Cinderella.  To put on Cinderella she needed 2-4 boys to participate in the show. so that being said mum ” volunteered ” me.  So there I was at the tender age of about 10 going into show business.

Bryan on stage at 10

A pantomime is a story with music and small skits all built into one unit. In this case, it was Cinderella. Other shows for example ” Puss in Boots” and  “Jack and the Beanstalk. ”  As you can see the shows are built around kids’ fairy stories. In the show, I was to be a highwayman. Just to round off the highwayman bit, I was also to do, acrobatics, tap dance and sing and dance. To top that off I had a solo as well.

Well,  come the day of the show, I did my solo just singing a song then the little girls were let loose on stage with me.  They were supposed to tap dance in a nice straight line. But they just wandered around the stage, with me chasing them trying to keep them in a line and the audience roaring with laughter. I don’t know how I did, but it went down pretty well, and that was all that mattered. even to the point of ushering the girls off the stage that too was a big hit. Another show that I remember was a cowboy show ‘ Annie get your gun “ I had to dress up as a cowboy and wear a false hairy chest.  I was about 10 at the time

Flavia was a well-respected woman, loved by pupils and parents as well. Having said that I can remember her banging on a table to get a point across. Flavia had a son Mike Pickworth. Occasionally we would sing together and Mike would perform solos. Mike was lucky enough to get himself a guitar he then taught himself to play to 78 hit records of the day. Playing the likes of “Blue Suede Shoes “. Which was a hit song of the day written by Carl Perkins and recorded by Carl and also by  Elvis Presley? Then there would of have been Heartbreak Hotel by Presley and there would be other songs by Buddy Holly which Mike would sing to. He didn’t know it at the time but getting and learning how to play the guitar was to set him on the road to being a pop star and becoming a cog in the music industry wheel.

Flavia loved to put on a show at the Metropolitan on the Edgware road. it was the real thing.  The” Met “as it was lovingly called was the nearest theatre to Kilburn. and was just a bus ride down the road. Most of the kids had two or three parts in a two-hour show.

I would take great delight in creeping around backstage and peeking a look through the spyhole in the girl’s dressing room door. One time there as I looked through the peephole, I saw Maureen O’Donnell one of Flavia’s older girls. standing in the middle of the dressing room. There she was in a pair of knickers and was topless. Maureen was shaking her really nice extra large breasts and as luck would have it, she was facing the dressing room door. At the same time as she was shaking she was saying to anybody who would listen

” Look at me!”

Well, I certainly did! and I was rewarded with a boner in my pants.

The last year or so I was at Flavia’s. Flavia set up a troupe of about a dozen or so older “Starlets”, and we went on a tour of 5 different London Old Time music halls. The was, of course, The Met. Edgware road.  Chelsea Palace, East Ham Brixton and one or two other places. We visited each theatre for a week and the theatres were all in different parts of London.

The Metropolitan Music Hall on Edgware Rd. London England



inside the Metropolitan music hall London

One of the men in the old-time music hall was a comedian Leon Cortez he always struck me as an example of what a dirty old man was.

Later Mike Pickworth changed his name to Mike Hurst and went on to become as I said previously a Pop Star.

I don’t know why Mike changed his name, I’ll have to ask him.  Mike’s mother Flavia,  put his name forward for an audition from advertising that she saw in the Stage magazine, Mike won the audition.  and landed up singing with Dusty and Tom Springfield  They were called the Springfields. And they went on to well in the charts worldwide this was in the early ’60s.

After this Mike went on to become a  very successful record producer with the likes of Cat Stephens and various rock bands. I gotta be honest I glad that he did well in the music world, the world that he was cut out for.

Mike Hurst writing …

Mike Hurst

My mother, Flavia Pickworth, began her career on stage as a member of the Italia Conti stage school in London in the 1930’s. In the mid-thirties she took over her Mother’s dancing school and “Flavia’s Starlets” were born. She was a stickler for work and discipline. She had to be because her troupe became well known on the London Music Hall circuit, appearing with all the greats of the time. The great impresario, C B Cochran, put into print that he thought my Mother was a great teacher and inspired confidence from all her pupils. But for his untimely death, he would have been an enormous help to her.

My first appearance was at the age of four in 1947 at the Met on Edgware Road, London, one of the great old variety theatres.   I sang “Money is the Root of All Evil” and “California Here I come”. From 1947 to 1956 I appeared in all my Mother’s shows and also toured periodically with Music Hall bills, with the likes of Sid Field, Max Miller and Leon Cortez. It was an education. It also gave me an enduring love of the stage and, as later years would prove, an even greater love for the enthusiasm and energy generated by youngsters.

Rock and Roll brought an end to my involvement with the Mother’s group in 1957. I wanted to be Elvis, not Gene Kelly. With my Mother’s help and endless enthusiasm, I joined The Springfields in 1962. I subsequently produced many hit artists such as Cat Stevens, Manfred Mann and Spencer Davies. Mother, meanwhile, had forged links with a London agency and was placing some of her more talented pupils in big West End shows like Oliva.

So there you go,  a mother and son,  who were very successful in the entertainment business. I would say that my life was a lot richer for having known both of them.   

Chapter 6: Age 11




When I was in my first year at Paddington  Secondary School, summer arrived, and in the science lab, the teacher asked for volunteers to look after the animals. So  I volunteered to look after a little mouse for the summer. So after school, I took it home my mother knew nothing about the mouse. So I had to hide it so I did, in the front.  There in the front room was a huge dollhouse that belonged to my sister. I put the mouse in a small box and put it to the back of the doll’s house. Teddy our beloved brown tabby cat kept going to the front room door and was meowing to be let in, mum finally relented to the cat’s request and opened the door. Teddy heads straight for the doll’s house. So mum opened up the doll’s house and discovered the box with the mouse inside. She then opened up the box to see what was inside. She let out a  scream, dropped the box, and ran from the room. I was busted, My beloved Teddy had ratted me out.

The next part of the book is not so much about me, but about the area in which I lived and some of the people that touched my family life. Abbey Road, School, Mum‘s work, and The Beatles.Abbey Road Studios. Little Venice and the “ Cut “. Famous people that mum worked for. All these things happened just a few blocks from each other, here in London. 

AsI said mum was a charlady. This means that she cleaned people’s houses, flats, and apartments in the Abbey Road Swiss Cottage area and the like. One of the people that she cleaned for was Sid James of the “ Carry On “ movie series James for instance was an extremely well know and well-liked comic film star and T.V. star. Of the ’50s to the ’70s or so. A really funny guy. Sid was one of mum’s clients. Sid was in Lots of movies and T.V. usually with the same cast. a bunch of comics. they were at the time very popular.

Sid James English actor comedian
Sid James was always funny!

Yana was a nightclub singer and minor actress. Her claim to fame was that she was on the Bob Hope show. When mum was ever talking about Yana she would mutter that she suspected that she was a “call girl.” Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Yana was a beautiful-looking woman, and she had some really nice professional black and white photos of herself. So one day, mum asked if she could have one. Yana gave mum three but she charged her for them, this always pissed mum off. Yana was married three times and she had various affairs with people in the film and T.V. world.

Yana - sexy Uk singer




Harrit Cohen  CBE was another one of Mum’s clients. Harriet was a concert pianist of renown. She is interesting reading. Harriet was born in London and always moved in the concert circles.

In the area of Abbey road where mum worked, was the Abby Road Studios, formerly known as the EMI Studio’s, located in St. John’s Wood.  Some really famous groups recorded themselves at these studios.  Namely The Beatles, Pink Floyd. The property at one time was going to be sold to developers. But the government stepped in and saved the building from the wreckers ball. and granted it English Heritage protection.

Little Venice is where I would hang out as a kid  Little Venice is a comparatively recent name for these parts of Paddington and Maida Vale, For the longest time a 100 years or so, this area of Paddington. it was just Venice but in recent history, the word  Little has been added. For Little Venice. A guy called Robert Browning was a poet and who lived at Beauchamp Lodge, 19 Warwick Crescent, in 1862–87. was Supposedly the first to name it Little. and from then on there were various others who allegedly called it Little. The name “Little Venice” was later formally applied to an electoral ward of the City of Westminster. but that was in recent times.



These are the exquisitely painted barges from the cut.  Seen here at Little Venice. It’s my understanding that you can nowadays take a vacation on one of these barges. So they go along the cut and park the barge each evening. And you go to the local pub, have a meal drink a few pints maybe play darts and go back to the barge to sleep. Next day along to the next pub. I would not think that today one would be towed by a cart-horse but they would all be fitted out with motor engines and they would just putt, putt, along the canal.

Fishing as a kid beside the cannel was very dangerous for Dennis and me as neither of us could swim, if either of us went in all would be lost from the water’s surface to the top of the bk was about 18″ to 2 feet. I’ve talked about the cut and Little Venice in a previous chapter. Where I described making a fishing thingy from a bicycle rim and some old sacking.And about the barges being pulled along with the cut by big Dray horses.

This area of London was always snobbish and even more so in to-days world.

The street crossing on the front cover of the Beatles Abbey Road. As a kid, I went over that crossing many times. Never thinking that in the future that this crossing will be seen all over the world.

Chapter 5: Pets

Over the years we had many pets at 201. We had a tortoise that we kept in the backyard. And a  large brown toad that would turn up now and again.  We called him Percy.  Dad’s favorite was a green budgie called Cecile. Dad loved to let him out of his cage and let him fly around the room. Dad loved it best when Cecile would fly around the kitchen and land on his beer glass. Cecile would then proceed to drink the froff of off the beer. After about 5 minutes Cecile would then try to fly around the room again.  But now he would into the fly into the mirror, which was hanging above the fireplace. From there he would crash to the kitchen floor. Dad would then pick him up laughing his head off. And then put him back in his cage to sleep it off. Yes, the little fucker was drunk! from drinking beer froff.  Dad would also like to get these little round balls, from a kids game and put them on the kitchen table and he would get Cecil to kick them around the table, which was fun to watch. then dad would get Cecil to talk. and he trained him to laugh as we do, that was something special to hear.

We used to get a lot of cats to come up to the back kitchen door. If I spotted a cat I would tell dad and he would go to the sink and pour some cold water into a bowl. Then he would slowly open the door to the back yard and then pick up the bowl of water. by then the game was on. The cat would sense that something was up and would start to run towards the back of the yard to escape the dreaded bowl of water in which he was about to be soaked. Dad would come back into the house laughing his head off.

The first job that I ever had was a  paper round, halfway tho’ my paper round was a fucking great black giant poodle. His owner would let it out in the morning on its own. If he ever saw me he would come charging at me. and I would run like fuck into one of the apartment entrances, and get behind a door. The poodle would sit outside the door growling but would eventually fuck off, and I would live to fight another day.

One day I was at the dog’s address, thank god there was no poodle around. But I was watching my back in case the bastard got me from behind.    As I was putting the newspaper through the mailbox slot, it was grabbed by the fucking poodle who was waiting on the other side of the door. The bastard was waiting for me! It scared the shit out of me. So I thought, ” I’ll teach that fucker  a lesson ”

vicious poodle

So I held on to the newspaper and the dog pulled on the newspaper some more I could hear and feel the newspaper giving up the ghost. Yes, with me hanging on to the paper and not letting go, it drove the poodle nuts. I could hear him growling on the other side of the door. He let go of the paper and I wriggled it at him through the letterbox. So he attacked the newspaper some more. I was loving it the poodle was getting madder and madder. The paper was slowly getting trashed when I heard the dog’s owner yelling at it. Then I could hear him beating on the dog and the dog yelping. I ran out of the mansion laughing like a drain.

I couldn’t wait to tell Denis what had happened.  Denis was as scared as I was off the fucking dog. We laugh about that bastard dog walking all the way back home that morning.


Petticoat Lane London

More on Petticoat Lane.  I went to the market at Petticoat Lane with my Dad, a lot as I got older.  To get there you had to take the tube. Get on the Bakerloo line and change to the Northern Line to go to Liverpool Street .. Liverpool Street …. Petticoat Line consisted of acres and acres of land. Some of it cleared bombed sites stools in side streets. Etc. Just one big mess of people selling things.  You could buy anything there  from drawing pins to steamrollers. You had to be careful about what you did buy. Dad bought some stockings for mum for Christmas one year. When she opened up the packaging there was no one matching pair. There were stockings with two heels, there were stockings that had two or three feet in them there were stockings that were two different lengths. No two stockings were the same colour. But at the end of the day, we all had a good laugh over them. 

We were not rich we were properly one level up from extremely poor.  No matter how poor we and other people were there was always money for cigarettes and beer. dad used to go to the pup every Sunday morning where he would play darts with all his mates. One particular Sunday, dad was very late returning home from the pub, so mum put his dinner plate on top of a saucepan of water.  With the stove plate on it would keep the plate and the food on it warm. ( No Micro Wave yet) So dad arrives home a little worse for wear and sits up at the dining table. mum put his food in front of him. He has a few mouthfuls and asked mum for a glass of water. So, mum gives him his water and he then proceeded’s to pour the water on his dinner. Mum said,

“George, what are you doing?’

He said,

“it’s too hot so I,m cooling it down”!

With that Mum picks up his dinner plate takes it to the back door opens it and then proceeded to throw the dinner and plate outside onto the lawn. So after that dad never poured water on any meal. Ever.

At the age of 11 or 12, I was good with my hands making things. So I built a kennel that Roxie the dog that I bought down Petticoat Lane lived in for many years.  Along with the kennel I built scooters and carts. 

So that now when I got to Secondary School I was ready to work with metal and more wood. To me, hands-on stuff just came naturally. So on reflection becoming a Tool and Die maker was a natural step after leaving school  But art was where I should have stayed with.  Who is to know where I could have gone with painting. Although I did get to The University of  Guelph at the ripe old age of 70. There in the art class, I got good to high marks at painting and higher marks in sculpting. Which we worked in wood and then metal. Well working with metal was a breeze

  • I was not about to tell them that I was a retired tool and die maker. I loved the University of Guelph. and when after about being there for five and a half years part-time. I had 11 credits. So I had 9 credits to go for my 20 credits to get my degree.

But I decided that I did not want to spend the last few years of my life writing art history essays.  I had done all the hands-on stuff painting sculpting and I didn’t want to work on Essays alone. I had learned a lot about art, knowingly and unknowingly. So I resigned so I could spend my time writing this book and painting abstract art and portraits.

Back to my growing up. one of the highlights of any week would be going to the pictures on a Sunday. Back in the ’40s and 50’s you would get to see two pictures. “ B “ picture and the main feature an “ A “ picture.

About 1949 when I was 8, Mum took me to the dentist to have a filling done. The dentist overlooked the Cut  ( Canal ) at Little Venice Paddington. But back then I don’t believe that it was called Little Venice.

Well, back in those days the drill was a noisy belt-driven machine. which was enough to scare the shit out of any self-respecting eight years old.  So I let the dentist drill the hole in my tooth. But when it came to filling the tooth I took a whole different attitude. When  I saw that fucking great syringe coming towards me to put the filling in my tooth,  that was enough. I lept out of the dental chair down the stairs and up the road towards Maida Vale,   Mum chased me pleading with me to go back but I absolutely refused to go back.

While I’m talking about the canal we would love to hang out at the canal ( the cut ) The barges would come along some driven by a motor. But at that time most of the barges were pulled along the cut by huge cart-horses on the towpath with a long rope attached to the front to the barge. One feature that stood out on most of the barges was the exterior paintwork. They were highly decorated. The barges were long and slender. And we’re used to transporting goods as far away up to the Midlands. Not only did the barges carried goods but the owners of the barges used to live with their families on board. When I ever saw them they reminded me of what I would have thought of at the time, as, gypsies.

We just loved used to fish the Cut.  And we had a rather unique way to catch fish.  

horse pulls barge in canal
horses were used to pull barges along the canal

First of all, we had to find a bicycle wheel. We would then take all the spokes from the wheel and we were left with the bicycle wheel rim. The next thing was to find some old sacking. Then some string. We would then cover the bicycle rim all the way across with the sacking. then we would stitch the sacking around the rim with the string. The next thing was to tie about 3  three foot length of string to the rim in three different places. Spread equally The next step was to join the three pieces of string together above the centre of the rim and the sacking. Then we would get some rope from somewhere and tie it to where the three pieces of string met.  Now we were ready to fish. We would put bread crumbs on the sacking with a rock placed there as well This was to give weight to the fishing thingy. I don’t remember what we called it. Thingy will do for now. Must not forget the bread crumbs that was the bait. we threw the crumbs on the sacking  Now we were all set. We would lower the fishing thing into the water once on the bottom we let it sit for a little while. then we would haul it up fast.  Keeping the pressure of the water on the fish so that it could not swim away.

stickleback in London canal
Kids fished for sticklebacks in London’s secret canal using bicycle wheels

Once the fishing thingy hit the surface. If we were lucky the might be a stickleback laying there. If there was we would then pop it into a milk bottle filled with water. At the end of the days fishing, we would take our milk bottle home to show our parents our days catch. They, in turn, would give us shit for playing around the Cut when we knew that it was off-limits.  And if we fell in we would drown.  ( Which was properly true as we hadn’t learned to swim yet. )Then to boot, they would flush our days catch down the lavatory.   This would piss us kids of. So as we got older we got smarter and wiser. So when it came to telling them anything that went on in our lives we told them nuffing.

When I was making big bucks as a high-level paperboy. I was able to buy a fishing rod, a nylon line with a reel and fishing floats, fishing hooks and floats and fish like adults did.    

Back in the 40’s the treats and sand some of the foods of the day were. Tizer an orange flavoured drink. Mars bar is still around today. And I also remember Wagon Wheel which is also around today.) large chocolate covered biscuit.  Which was named because of its size Which today should be maybe called Tiny Wheel or the like Because it has shrunk almost down to nothing  Tizer was a great drink that we liked to buy on a stinking hot day to quench our thirst.

Wheatabix cereal
Weetabix is a whole grain cereal arriving in UK in 1932 from Australia.

In the ’40s Weetabix was the cereal that mum would buy for us along with Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Porridge was a staple to along with Shredded Wheat.  I remember eating porridge at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire.  The brown bread “Hovis “was a bit of a luxury to eat. Remember we were just out of the war. food was tight and still in short supply. We also ate and liked Smiths Crisps. Which came in a bag with its own twist of blue paper with salt in it. Smith’s crisps were and still are sold at the pub and mum and dad would bring a bag home as a treat.

There were two parks near my house at 201.  To the left was Queens Park with swing and lots of grass and trees and shrubs.  Queens Park was about four or five blocks away. We would walk there. I liked to go to the park with my cousin Tony Rogers. A Block from the park was a bakery on the corner at the bottom of Salisbury road. There was a window at street level if it was open we would call out to my Uncle Charlie. Tony’s dad. He worked at the bakery. And sometimes he would come outside and talk to us and give us a penny bun each.  We were in heaven. Treats were in short supply. To the right 1949. about six blocks from 201 Not too far from Kilburn Park Road were Paddington Recreation Ground it also had swings and roundabouts. And a large red gravelled area on which we would play football for hours and hours.  Till exhaustion.

One feat that I am ashamed to tell you about, but it has to be told. I would be about eight or nine at the time  I would guess,  and I  was in St. Augustine’s Junior School at the time.

Dad was off work with a broken foot or leg. He was getting around with a caste on. I went into the bedroom and  I stole his last one pound note.  Things were really tough in those days and for many days after. Money was always tight. I didn’t have to be told that. Kids can sense things.

Anyhow, I took the stolen one-pound note to school and come lunchtime I took a bunch of kids to the ice cream shop and bought them all ice cream. I think that it was  Ann Williams. Reggie’s older sister was sent up to our house by her mother to tell mum and dad that I was spending lots of money on the kids at school.  When I got home from school that day I got the biggest hiding of my life, with Dad’s belt on my arse.

To me to this day,  this was a character making an event of my life. I still regret to this day taking dad’s last pound note. I was glad to take hiding because what I did was wrong. And I was truly sorry, It still hurts to think about this event,  I never ever stole anything again. My dad was a good man and did not deserve that.

Across the road kitty-corner from St. Augustine’s School was the St. Augustine’s church gardens. Most lunch hours weather permitting we would run races around the church garden block. at the time the only shoes that seemed to be available were Plimsoles.  They were made of black canvas and black rubber.  They were just cheap shoes for kids  In the autumn we would go over the church gardens to get the ‘ Conkers “ from the horse chestnut trees.

Eleven plus  In 1952,  In England at eleven years, we had the eleven plus exam at junior school.   Which  ( It’s been a long time )   is to grade all the students. Then, at that time after the exams, the kids were slotted into three groups. This was to ship the students on to the next stage of their scholastic careers.  1952. I came up between Senior School and Grammar school.  This scared the shit out of mum and dad. The conversation was on buying school uniform. They could not afford it.

So I was sent to North Paddington School, on the Harrow Road in Paddington. Paddington being next to Kilburn. At the time the schools were run by the London County Council. It was a biggish school built solidly of dark brown greyish bricks. With the  girls playgrounds on one side of the school, and the boy’s playground on the other. the side of the school. In the urinals, where I lost many a weeks dinner money to gambling. I believe that a week’s dinner money at the time was two shillings and a penny.

Being brought up in England it was all football. I used to love to play football Mum was a charlady and once she brought home some men’s dress shoes for me to wear at football, as I didn’t have any football boots.
So I played a game for the school team. I wore the dress shoes on the pitch at Wormwood Shrubs. The pitch was beside the prison.

It had been raining and the pitch was really muddy. Well, I could hardly stand up, I could not play. I was at the point of tears. I was so upset I never said anything to mum. But I never complained to Mum as I knew that they could not afford to buy my football boots.
But once I did get a pair of football boots for Christmas. They were almost like today’s safety boots. When they got wet the soles used to get soft. This caused the nails in the studs to come through the sole and dig into the soles your feet. It was painful to play football with them.
The football back then was made of leather and when it got wet it hurt to kick it as it soaked up the rainwater which made it extremely heavy. We would play for hours at the Paddington Rec. Sometimes we would play all day. Even the whole weekend.

Now here’s the thing, talking about two shillings and a penny. Back in those days, there was a three system of money. Pounds, Shillings, and Pence.  At times this three system, system was so complicated for foreign visitors to England, that they would get ripped off by taxi drivers and the like. One example would be at the Queen’s Coronation when the Capital was filled with visitors from abroad.

Since then it has been changed to a two system, system.     Pounds and Pence.

Being brought up with the three systems monetary system it is as easy as falling off a log when it came to using it. But try to explain this system to a complete stranger and even with all the coins on display, it was very difficult. I have tried in the past to explain the three-tier monetary system and usually failed.

chapter 3: The Cane


   At around about 5 years of age, mum signed me up for piano lessons with a little Jewish piano teacher called Madam Zara. I had lessons once a week for ten years. I hated every minute of it. One of the reasons for hating it was, in the front room where the piano was, was freezing bloody cold, especially in the wintertime. The room had no heating, There was a small coal fireplace, but it was rarely lit. Coal costs money.

   [Today  I  have an electric piano at home. and I do play a bit on it.  I would really like to have lessons again. I can read music still a bit, but my left-hand lets me down. Maybe when I have finished this project I will find a piano teacher! ]

   When I was about eight or nine. I got home from school one day.  Mum said to me

“How was school today, Bryan “She never asked me about school. But this day she did

I said“I got the cane today Mum “ So she said

“What for? “ I said.  “I don’t know Mum! (And to this day I still don’t know why.)  So Mum says to me

” That will make up for all the times that you never got caught!”

So guess what I never told ever again when I got the cane.   If when at school we knew that we were going to get the cane. We would slide a small book down our pants to take out the sting of the cane. .  But if it was across our hand we had to take it. and I can tell you,  it bloody well hurt.   The cane was a bamboo cane about three-eighths in diameter and about three foot long. You either got it on the palm of the hand or across your arse.

The cane never broke me. There was no frigging way that I was going to break down and cry.  Even, as I said.” It really hurt”. evidence of this would be an ugly red fucking weld that would sting for some time after. In today’s world, thanks to the” Do-Gooders “ the teacher would be fired and the school board sued. But because of all the do-gooders in this world, the whole fucking system is broken.

Did I turn out to be a bad guy? No!,  I have in my opinion, good moral values, and honesty

After we had lunch at school, if we weren’t running around the church block we would cruse the local mansions where the rich bastards lived,  to see what we could score.

There was the time that we found a box full of nail varnish bottles somewhere and we opened the box up on the front steps of a house on the corner of Carlton Vale and Kilburn Park Road. We then proceeded to smash the bottles on the stone steps.  While we were doing this a local cat came along to see what we were doing. So caught the little fucker and dribbled some of the nail varnishes on the cats back. Then we let it go………… Years later I would walk by the house on the corner and you could still see the varnish still there smeared on the steps. No cat though!

  At 201 Carlton Vale, we only had one bedroom. So mum and dad and Pauline and I all slept in the same room. I was about 8 or 9 at the time when one night I was supposed to be asleep, but I was under the covers with a  torch reading a brand new Batman comic. Unfortunately for me, I did not hear dad come into the room. Well, he pulled back the bedclothes saw me reading the Batman comic pulled it out of my hands and ripped it in two. I was devastated. So I guess that I never did that again. today that comic would properly be worth a couple of grand.

That was a case of tough love. Another event in the bedroom that sticks to my mind. This time it evolves mum, I would be about 7.  Mum came into the bedroom and she caught me wanking off. So she said to me “Bryan if you kept doing that you’ll go blind! “  So I asked her, “ Mum,  can I keep doing it till I need glasses? “    ( I know it’s’ an old one but I still like it.)

  When we were about 9-10  Dennis Williams, who lived just down the road on Carlton Vale. (No relation to Reggie Williams) and I decided to run away from home. We were going to run away into the countryside and catch rabbits and cook them and live off of them. So this particular day off we went. Walking all the way we headed right into the heart of central London. I know that we should of have been going the other way to get to the country, But we had no idea about direction.  After hours and hours of walking, we got really tired and decided to head back home to get something to eat and to go to bed.  We got home around Eight O’clock at night. My mum went ballistic. And gave me good hiding for being home so late. Then she sent me to bed with no tea. And I was starving. But I was really glad to be home. Of cause I never told Mum or Dad what Dennis and I had been up to.  I was too glad to be back home. We never ran away from home again!

   I was in the boy scouts in the late ’40s. We were based out of the Salvation Army just down  Carlton Vale on Percy Road. I used to like to go there. Mum could hardly afford my uniform But I did get a green cub cap with gold trim on it. Along with a badge on the front. And I got to wear a grey sweater with a .cub badge on it  And a green cub scarf held together with a leather ring called a woggle. (.I never asked mum or dad for anything because even at a young age I knew that they had very little spare money. ) Our leader was a Nice Woman we called her Akala.  We used to play games at the cubs and have fun. The Akala seemed to like me. I don’t know why.

   I had to go to Sunday school every Sunday. which was at the Salvation Army.  To make matters worse I had to take Pauline with me. That made it tough because I did not go to Sunday school I took the threepence that Mum gave me and we  went to the Paddington Rec. where we  played on the swings

I had to mark my Sunday school attendance booklet with a pencilled in a star.  I had to bribe Pauline to keep her mouth shut and not tell that we never made it to Sunday School I don’t remember if she told or not. But she is still alive at the time of writing.

Being that I went to St. Augustine’s School meant that we had to go to church services across the road to St. Augustine’s Church. We had to listen to church services with the priest and listen to the church choir. The incense was very intrusive. And even though I lost my sense of smell many years ago  I can still inwardly smell it to this day. The point that I want to make here is this. From the get-go when I was introduced to religion and Jesus Christ and all that went with it. Even at that young age maybe 5, 6, 7, I  never ever believed the Mumbo Jumbo. So even when I had to go to the Salvation Army Sunday school. I still never believed any of “ It”.  I have been in this mindset all my life

If others want to believe in religion go ahead be my guest. If there is a God out there, is he or she ( have to get the gender right for all the “ Do Gooder’s  “)  a God to everything in the Milky Way other universes, planets, and the like? As my friend and former boss, Scot Zinger used to say .” Go ahead knock yourself out“.  If you want to believe in a religion that’s fine with me.   But please do not shove it down my throat.

  After the war was over dad got a job at  Wallens Dairy which was on Albert Road and was about three blocks from 201. He usually drove a large milk tanker. But sometimes he drove milk lorries too. And occasionally he would take me with him. I used to love that. I can still smell the milk crates and the smell of the lorries engine as we drove along the English countrysides. Picking up milk in the tanker or delivering crates of milk and milk urns full of milk to dairies.

lorry milk truck 1950's London England

Dad was proud of the fact that he was the only driver that Wallens had that could back down this narrow lane-way to pick up milk in the milk tanker.  When we would arrive at the Gillingham Dairy In Kent.  Dad would back into the dairy lane-way. Once he was parked we would get out and he would proudly show me how little clearance there was between the milk tanker and the wall on each side. There was about 15” on each side. Pretty tight. I was proud of my Dad for being able to drive like that.

    I would guess at about age ten I started to “ Do “ my  Nannies shopping. On a Saturday morning. I would walk from Carlton Vale down to  Alpha Place. Get Nan’s grocery list and her shopping bags and Ration Books. Even though the war was over things were still on ration. So everybody had a ration book. Each person or family was only allowed so much butter so much sugar  A couple of rashers of bacon etc. The Ration Books were a buff colour and had each person’s name on the front. So inside the square for butter or sugar when you bought it was ticked off with the grocer’s thick black pencil.

ration book during the war

The thing that used to worry me most on the trips back near my house from Nannies to the Grocers. Was this. Why did it say Mrs Gertrude  Butler on the front page one book and Mr William Lines on the front of the other book? Hmm. This was explained to me by my Dad a few years later when I was a lot older. This is the Story.

  Both my  Grandfathers. Grandfather  George Rogers and Grandfather Butler died in  The Great War. Grandfather Rogers was a woodchopper by trade. and as  Acting Sargent George Rogers was killed in action. 16th May 1917. In Arras in France.

       Grandfather Butler was an aircraft Mechanic but he died from natural causes. They are both in the “ Great War book of the Dead.

Well, it turned out that Grandmother Rogers got remarried to a guy called Jim Lines. And, you got it. Grandmother Butler lived with William Lines till the day he died. they never did get married. Yes, they were brothers.   You just can’t make these stories up!

Place where Nanny lived was my favourite place to be on the weekends.

kids playing in bombed buildings England War years

All that rubble across the road from Nan’s was paradise for the likes of a small boy in the ’40s and early ’50s.

All the rubble could be sorted into harbours and the like. After a rainstorm, it was the perfect playground. Lolly sticks became battleships which we floated in puddles.   Half submerged twigs became submarines. Small pebbles became bombs to sink the German U- Boats.

At about 12 years of age, I went to Petticoat Lane. It was located in and around Liverpool Street station London. Petticoat Lane was a giant flea market that was only open on Sundays. I had been there many times with dad as he loved to shop there. This time I was on my own and a  bloke was selling among other things puppies. I, knowing that mum and dad would be pissed, but still bought one. I said to the bloke is it a boy or a girl.“Cause I want a boy”.

He said” there you go mate” holding the black puppy on its back, showing me the belly of the puppy.

When I got home mum and dad were pretty pissed at me. But they said you had better build a kennel for the puppy. which I was going to name Rocky. but on further inspection of the puppy, I had to name the puppy  Roxie.

We made our own transportation as kids. Taking a  long plank of wood about six feet long.  We would attach a spindle at the back of the plank, with two pram wheels attached. The same set up at the front but the spindle could be steered. A cross member was nailed on towards the back and this was our seat. We used to love to go down hills on this trolley was only one problem.W e had no brakes. so we preferred the scooter.

Scooter…I used to make my own scooters.

homemade scooter

The scooter in the picture was not quite like what i built but it shows the general idea.

A three-foot plank, for the upright. At the top nailed to that a piece of wood for the handle. at the bottom of the plank, a V was cut out. this is where a wheel was mounted. At ninety degrees to the upright plank, there was another plank this time for the feet to stand on. at the back end, another V was cut for the other wheel.  and at the other end of the plank was a piece of 6X6 by about a foot high wood, where eye screws were screwed which matched eye screws in the upright. then a simple long bolt was dropped into the screws and while the front was attached to the foot part

One evening I was having a piano lesson with Madam Zara. Dad who worked really early mornings liked to have a snooze before supper.  got out of bed early, I would guess about 6 o’clock. Had a wash and shave in the kitchen sink put on his Wellington boots and leather apron his Wallens hat on and went out.

He came back about an hour later with one side of his face all beaten up. Evidently, he had a fight with someone at the Wallens dairy over something. But to this day I don’t know what. But I liked to think that he won his fight. He was 5 feet four and a half inches tall and afraid of no man

 Dad was a flyweight boxer in the army. In the War he was stationed in Iceland, while he was there he fought for the championship of Iceland. He said he was scheduled to fight this bloke in the final. but the bloke got sick. Dad had already beat this bloke twice before. Anyhow, being the army the fight still went on. They found another boxer to take the other blokes place. He was a weight or two above dad. Dad said the other bloke pounded the shit out of him.  As  I write this I have the medal that he got runners up Pte. George Rogers.

Dad and Mum were very honest people, , and even though they have passed away, we are still very proud of them, and still miss them to this day. Pauline and I always remember them on their birthdays. All of these years along since they have passed.

 Dad,  George Rogers met Mum  Francis May Butler at the Cricklewood skating rink London.  She went there on a date with another guy. But dad took her home. There is a funny story about the relationship between mum and dad. 

Which I told a few paragraphs above. Grandmother Rogers who was a widow at the time met a gentleman by the name of Jim Lines, who by all accounts she married.  Meanwhile, Nanny Butler who was also a widow met up with a gentleman named William Lines. She called him Bill. It turned out that these two men were brothers. 

 The story goes that until they met at Cricklewood roller skating rink mum and dad had never met up with the other brother. Whether they did after they met I don’t have a clue.   Grandmother Rogers and Jim Lines seemed to vanish into history.


As I grew up I never to my recollection ever met either of them.. William Lines whom we called granddad lived with Nanny Butler till the day that he passed in Paddington hospital of lung cancer in the late ’40s.  Nanny used to say that maybe one day that they may get married, but they never did.

 In  Kilburn were two parks near my house at 201.  North of 201, was Queens Park with swings and lots of grass and trees shrubs and flowers.  Queens Park was about four or five blocks away.  But it was an easy walk there.

 I would often go to the park with my cousin Tony Rogers. A Block from the park was a bakery on the corner at the bottom of Salisbury road. . There was a window at street level if it was open we would call out to my Uncle Charlie. Tony’s dad. He worked at the bakery. And sometimes he would come outside and talk to us and give us a penny bun each.  We were in heaven. Treats at that time were in short supply.

To the right about six blocks from 201 Not too far from Kilburn Park Road was Paddington Recreation Ground it also had swings and roundabouts. And a large red gravelled area on which we would play football for hours and hours. Till exhaustion.