Chapter 9: Age 20-21

I was back in Swindon, at the age of 20-21. I don’t remember how I got the job but I did. I got a job at Linton and Hurst, in Stratton St. Margaret’s. Linton and Hurst were on the edge of Swindon. I got a job there as a machine operator on the steel silting line. It was here that I was to encounter my first presses and dies.

I was still a bit shy and naive at this age had already discovered that I liked to work around machinery while I was at Light Alloys.. So I was comfortable with that. Working on the slitting line was fun. My boss a slim bloke with red hair who we called Ginger. Well, he taught me how to run a Slitter and also all the machinery and equipment that went with it.





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