Chapter 11: Miss Pye at North Paddington secondary school

A London Transport Double decker bus 1940’s style.

In those days there was a conductor as well as a driver.

1953.     I started at North Paddington  Secondary School In about 1953, at the age of twelve. And stayed until 1957 at the age of sixteen. That included an extra voluntary year. Some kids could quit school at fifteen and some of us had the option of staying on an extra year.  Which I did. 

If you look at the double Decker Bus above, they were real boneshakers. They vibrated so much the riding on one was hazardous to your health. From the bus stop around the corner from my house on Malvern Road to the stop at Harrow Road was about four bus stops        D.uring the journey the violent shaking and vibrating gave me the biggest boner. So that when I got to my bus stop I had to cover it with my school satchel which as I walked towards school on the Harrow Road. The satchel would bounce up and down on it.

  North Paddington was on the Harrow Road. It was not a very wide road but a very busy main road. It had trolleybuses running along with it as well as regular doubledecker buses. North Pad.  had a high brick wall right across the front of it and two small gates, the property was walled in down the sides and across the back.

        [ To get the “ Feel “  of the inside of  North Pad. Just watch “Pink Floyd s “ Video of “ Another brick in the wall.” The one with the kids singing in the school.  That was just like North Paddington. Dark and dreary] ….. On the top of the high walls, there was a wire mesh fence to keep the likes of tennis balls from going over the top onto Harrow Road. Outside the school, there was a four-foot-high wire mesh fence as well between the road and the pavement. Just to keep the kids from running onto the road.

 Between the two gates, there was a high brick wall.. Behind one gate there was the boy’s large playground with the “ Bogs “ in the bottom in one corner. . And behind the other gate was the girl’s playground.There the girls played Netball and Rounders.W hen I got, (in later years ) to North America, I was surprised to find out that these games were Basketball and Baseball. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? So are the basketball players playing a girls game? same too for Baseball?

 My favourite classes were woodwork, metalwork and art. Art was my number one favourite class. Why?. The art teacher was Miss Pye. She was very pretty and younger than most of the rest of the teachers at North Pad. And to my way of thinking and she had a good body that was enhanced with nice big tits. Typical bohemian looking with long fair hair. At that time she usually wore tight jumpers to enhance those two beauties. Marilyn Monroe could have not displayed them any better. She usually wore a brown tweed skirt to the round of her attire.

  In the Art classes back then there was no fancy, acrylic this and oil that. We painted on paper that was like wax. Kinda like the toilet paper in the government toilets. The paint that we used back then was lead-based powdered paint. To use it you just mixed it with water. You would not use it today, because of the lead content.

The art tables at that time were long and not very wide. They were more like benches. I always sat on the left-hand side of the table, by the aisle, just a bit in from the end. Once the class got going I would paint something on the paper and after a while, I would call.

     “ Hey Miss Pye what do think of this .?” 

Because I think that she knew that I loved to paint, she always seemed to take a good deal of interest in me. But prior to calling her over I would grip the corner of the table with my left hand, the back of my hand facing up. Just like it was in a natural position. Miss Pye would come over and because the table behind me was up close she had no option but to lean over to look at my painting, which I would have to the right of me. In doing so she would press her crotch on the back of my hand.

     Well,! Back then at 14 years of age, that gave me an instant boner. We both carried on like nothing was out of the ordinary. Sometimes she would look right into my eyes and smile and I would blush up a bit. I guess that she knew that I had a “thing “for her. She didn’t seem to mind at all.  I never told anybody about this until now, 60 years later. This would happen at most art classes, on a regular basis. You can’t make this shit up, this was the way it was.  Today Miss Pye would find herself in the slammer for molesting a minor.  But this minor just loved it and I would of, and never did “rat her out “

I don’t remember how I knew this fact, or even if it is true. But allegedly Miss Pye eventually became Mrs Hughes. . Because she married the woodwork teacher Mr Hughes. Who just by coincidence was the class next door to the art room. Mr Hughes was a plain nondescript man of average height middle-aged man it stands out in my mind that he was a pipe smoker. To be honest I don’t know what Miss Pye saw in him. Maybe she found out that Hughes was loaded, or the fact that he had a big pipe or both!

  I don’t recall much else going on at North Padd, until a couple of stories from Michael Davies, a few years later when we met up at Linton and Hurst just outside Swindon. 

There was one thing that I remember. and that was the fact that sweets came off ration  They were still on ration after the war years and were de rationed around 1954.


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