Chapter 20: Return to Canada

We arrived at Toronto International airport around 19th of May 1973.

Prior to this date. Gill and I decided that after being back in England for about 2 years or so we wanted to go back to North America. back to Canada not the States. So I replied to an Ad in the Daily Mirror. We went once again to London for the interview. The gentleman’s name that we saw was George. Soon as we met we hit it off. anyhow how he offered me a job in Etobicoke an area of Toronto

So here the thing when we flew back to England from Detroit we had very little money. But by staying with our parents and saving as much as possible we were able to buy a brand new brick house on the Nyth estate Swindon.

I bought the house for 4,465 pounds. Thirteen months I sold the house for 9400. pounds. Yes in just over a year the price of the house had doubled.

This time on our return to Canada instead of $73.oo We were able to return with around $16.000.oo.

We bought a Condo in Streetsville in Mississauga.

We did not stay there too long . as the units were bought and then rented out. We had people stripping down car engines and motorbike engines in the common grass area… so this time we bought a bungalow in Acton.

We bought a pedigree German Shepard from King City, just North of Toronto. But we had to return him because he had kennel Cough

From there we located a breeder in Mississauga, Tony and Jenifer Monk. This is where we got our first real show dog.  We called him Tojo. eventually bought a female from the same breeders.

Having two dogs put us in the German Shepard show world. So I guess that that was the summer of 1973 maybe 74. we drove all around Ontario entering Tojo in puppy shows. and he did quite well.

Now beings we were in the German Shepard show world we became members of the German Shepard Club of Canada and also the local German Shepard dog club of Ontario. Tojo did well at the shows with 25 ribbons from different shows, 20 for first place. One very big show in Barrie Ontario.  in the German Shepard class, Tojo won the best puppy. So in the next round, he was in the working class puppies representing German shepherds. With puppies from the likes of the Doberman to other working-class puppies.

I was in the show ring with Tojo. The judge really likes him, she told me so under her breath. But at the wrong moment, a yappy dog outside the show ring started yapping. This spooked Tojo, so much so that he would not let the judge lay her hands on him so she had no choice she gave him forth. So because of that yappy dog, we never won the best puppy in the working dog class. Which would have meant that he would have competed for best puppy in the show. or maybe a thousand or so dogs or more.


 On the 16th December 1973 Gill and I went to  I believe it was The  German Sheperd dog club of Ontario Christmas party. Well, we had, just previous to the party sold our house on Clair court Acton and moved to Orton. We had bought a  bungalow that needed some work on it. But it was on 2 a.cres of land because we wanted to get into the breeding of German Shepherds. It was a great party with lots of fun cool people there.  It was at this party that we met Tony and Monika Cond.

Come about 5.00 p.m. we had worked our way to the corner of the basement. here the hot and cold copper piping crisscrossed and then vanished up inside the corner of the house. To change all the plumbing over was a lot of work. so I said to Tony.

16th December 1973 Gill and I went to this German Sheperd dog club o the Ontario party. It was held in a members house and we all had a whale of a time. At the party, we met  Tony and Monika Cond. We thought that they were a riot We all played charades and it turned out to be a really great night.  


So after the party, we invited Tony and Monika to Orton for supper the following weekend. So that following Saturday night they drove up to Orton. When they arrived we showed them the two acres and told them the plans for the future of the place. After we had a meal and drunk lots of wine and we played charades and had a rare old time.

So the following weekend we were invited to their house in Etobicoke in Toronto . . One reason being Tony wanted help with changing iron water pipes over to copper in his basement. I said sure.  So the following weekend on Friday night we drove down from Orton to their house in Etobicoke.

So once we got their  Tony and I left Gill, Monika and our two kids, Martyn and Angela at the house and went down to the plumbing store to get all the copper tubing etc. So the first thing the next morning got a head start.  Working steadily all day Saturday,  so at about 5.00 p.m. we had worked our way to the corner of the basement. here the hot and cold copper piping crisscrossed and then vanished up inside the corner of the house. To change all the plumbing over was a lot of work. so I said to Tony.

” Why don’t we instead of crossing the copper piping over why don’t we just go straight to the corner with the hot and cold pipes and then change the taps hot to cold and cold to hot. He said that’s a great idea. So that’s we did.

Until later after supper when one of the women went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet. She let out a scream. saying.

” The toilet is flushing with hot water. So. the next morning we had to redo the plumbing. crossing the hot to hot and cold to cold.

  • Now, this part of what went on I have thought and thought about how I approach this and asked people that I respect and they all gave me the same answer.
  • “Bryan, It is what it is, it was what it was!”

I guess that it was the following Friday or Saturday. night We were back down in Toronto Etobicoke at Tony and Monika’s place.

It was after supper time my young son and daughter   Martyn and Angela were upstairs asleep in bed.  The four of us Gill, Tony, Monika and myself. we were playing charades. And getting drunker by the minute.

Being that it was wintertime there was lots of snow around. It may of have been snowing I canny remember but all of a sudden Tony and Gill and Monika had stripped off and were outside in the backyard. Mr Modest went out there to join them I had my underwear on. Those guys were starkers. so not wanting to stand out like a sore thumb I took of my underwear.

There we were playing like school kids snowballs cartwheels etc. But after a while, the cold began to get underneath the Winzertanz and we started to shiver. So we went back into the house and all four of us stood over the heating vent. Being as it was an older home, the floor heating vent was a large ornamental wrought iron grating. in the sitting room.

Once we started to thaw out then the discussion started to turn to switching partners. I  was not a big fan of this. Monika was in agreement but she said she would do it this once. But, she said once we start we’ll keep doing it. Eventually, we all agreed to do it just this once. Personally, I had the feeling that once we started we would be doing it more than once.

This turned out to be the case. So after that first night and every time that we  got together, we would have a meal start drinking wine and land up fucking our brains out. This situation went on until the summer of that following year.  When at this time the rhetoric got turned up a notch. Whereas Tony and Gill were talking about the possibility of hooking up together.

After some time and some debate, they came to the conclusion that getting together permanently was not going to happen, so Gill was pissed off. She said that she wanted to get away from it all and go to England for a visit. I borrowed some money to pay for the tickets for the flight, and took Gill, Martyn and Angela to Toronto International airport, and sent them on their way.n















After Gill and the Kids were gone I still saw Tony and Monika. They would call me up and invite me down to Etobicoke.  We would have great nights drinking wine and telling jokes. The first night I was there on my own I also went to bed on my own. But shortly after I fell asleep I was woken up by Monika sliding in between the sheets.

Once she was in bed with me it was business as usual. With lots and lots of oral sex and fucking.  After that, it was pretty much open season on Monika. from Friday night to when I left on Sunday night. Monika is the main instigator.  In the evenings, we would be watching T.V. and before you knew it either Tony or I was getting a blow job on the couch. Soon we were both banging her at the same time on a regular basis. It was like she could not get enough.

Who was I to complain, Tony sure didn’t because he was getting lots too. Some times they would go camping and if I was working I would meet up with them.

There was a campsite up near Ottawa, Mattawa I think it was called ., Not too far from Algonquin Park,  they went there for a week or ten days. After working the afternoon shift at Butlers on a Friday morning I went home to Westminster Street in Preston. I took a quick nap for a few hours then  I drove to the campsite.  when I got there they were still in there in a  sleeping blanket. I joined them in the tent, where Monika said. There was nobody else camped nearby, so basically we were alone in the wilderness. Monika said.

” I’m glad that you are here Bryan there’s not much to do here but fuck.”

I thought fucking great. That’s all I want to do.

After I was there an hour Tony said that he was going to the store to buy some food. I was going to go with him he said stay here you’ve done enough driving for one day. as soon as he was gone she was all over me. I gave her the bone and she was as hot as a firecracker, It was going to be a great weekend.

As I was doing her she said she had missed me. So I told her the same and that we should make up for it this weekend. So she stuck her tongue in my ear and said O.K.

So that night in front of the campfire after we drunk a couple of bottles of Winzertanz.

Monika started to get amorous. It seemed that being outside, with the likely hood of getting fucked seemed to be a turn on.   So I would hazard a guess that Tony knew this. Therefore it was not too long before Tony was giving it to her.

As  Tony was banging her, I thought I’m not going to be missing in action,

So I got my buddy out and joined in getting a blow job.  Then once Tony was done with Monika at the other end. he got off and I slipped in.So that’s basically how it went for the next couple of days. Being out in the open air seemed to make Monika really horny, so she kept us up so to speak for the rest of the weekend. i stayed with them for two more days then went home.

Very much to my surprise  Tony who was working at the big Glass Hydro building in Downtown Toronto decided to join the Canadian armed forces as an officer. From thinking about it to joining it did not take long. before you knew it Monika was alone in that big fucking house in Etobicoke.

I had almost become attached to that place. I had helped to redo the plumbing in the basement.  Then Tony and I one weekend re-shingled the cedar tiles on the roof. I think that it may of have taken two weekends, topped off with a lot of sex. So yes,I liked the house.

So now I would go down on a Friday night to fill the void that Tony had left. We for some time carried on almost like a couple. Occasionally  Monika would come out to the bungalow in the village of Orton. on reflection, I gave up a beautiful side split house in Clair Court in Acton just to get 2 acres and a rundown bungalow. But that is how it was. one cannot change history!

I intended to work on the house but it but I needed money to do that, so I worked Overtime to pay for the materials, and by doing overtime I had no time to work on the bungalow. And I was sure as hell not going to pay somebody to do work that I could do.

So Monika would come up now and then to Orton. Her big thing was what she liked to do was this. We would get naked in the front yard in broad daylight where we would fuck our lights out behind the bushes on the front lawn. She liked nothing better than to have traffic going by while we were going at it. That got her cranked.

I entered a German Shepherd puppy in a German Shepard dog show in Rochester NY, so Monika and I went for the weekend. the date was 8th May 1976.  I just looked at a ribbon that the puppy won. So Moniker and I enjoyed the weekend at the Hotel. Driving home back to Ontario the only thing that I remember is that Monika had her head in my lap all the way back to the border giving me a blow job. After all the sex we had had back in the Hotel she wanted more. Who am I to complain I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After Tony had been in the Canadian Forces for a while. Monika decided to go and visit relatives in Germany. So I drove her up to the forces airbase up near Kingston. where we had to wait for two or three days for her to get a flight out. There was not much to do on the base so we just spent the time fucking our brains out. so when it was time to get on her flight she was crying. I said I’ll see you when you get back. With that, she brightened up.

She went to Germany I believe for a month. So when she got back she hitched a ride to Toronto. she called me up and I went down to see her. I could sense that something had changed. It turned out that in Germany she had met this guy and they chummed around together. ( in other words, she was fucking him.)

She had a sad face because she said that she missed him.  I didn’t care about that I just wanted to get laid. So after a few drinks, I persuaded her to get them off and we went at it. once I got her going, it was the old Monika. Yes, she could fuck like a rattlesnake.

In time over the next few months, I noticed in the house in Etobicoke a few letters from Germany. Eventually, she told me that he was coming to see her. She said that she was going to have a little party for him. The German Loverboy arrived midweek I was working so I did not meet him until the following weekend. It was obvious that he had been banging her . but I didn’t care as long as I got some too.

I had met Hans the German earlier in the day, On Saturday. when I arrived around noon. He seemed a nice enough guy. Then around six o’clock, people started to arrive, a couple of nurses from Toronto General  Hosp[ital where Monika worked and three guys.

After a few hours of drinking and eating, people started to loosen up. As the evening wore on the two nurses paired off with two guys so that left Monika with Hans and myself and one other guy. The two nurses vanished with their prizes upstairs into the bedrooms and they were not seen until the next morning.

So now the music was turned up a tad and we took turns in dancing with Monika. I had been watching what I was drinking so I was pretty sober. After a while, Monika was dancing with two guys at a time, then with the three of us. I ‘m sure that she was loving it . after a bit we were all feeling her up.  She just absolutely loved it. Then eventually we collapsed as a group on an L shaped couch.

Monika’s top came off then her bra. there were lots of willing hands to help. I then saw a dick appear then another dick appeared. Soon Monika was giving head like no tomorrow.  All around.

It did not take long for her to get around to me. So Hans decided to take her from behind, while she was giving me my blow job… So that’s how it went the rest of the night. the three of us doing her one after another.

After this party, I was driving home on Sunday. I thought Bryan it’s time to change gears. So I never went to Etobicoke again. And I have to be honest I never missed Monika.

So now what or who did I get into next.  Lynn Foster from Kingston.

Lynn was a stunningly beautiful girl. With dark long black hair wavy hair ( Natural )She was about 5 foot five with a great well-built body and she was 18 years old, and a student at the University of Guelph.

Lynn worked at the gas station on Highway 24 between Cambridge and Guelph. Whoever hired her on knew what they were doing. With her natural beauty great body and large breasts, working at the gas station brought in lines of cars wanting gas. So I became one of them.

I was still living at Orton with the dogs. So this particular day on the way home to Orton. I stopped off for gas. Lynn was at the pumps.  For once there was nobody else there. Wow! She had big ones alright they were holding up a tank top.

As she was putting gas in my car and we were alone, this was the first time that this had ever happened. . she asked me if I had German shepherd dogs I said yes I did. She said that she had noticed the decal on my windshield of a German Shepherd head.

Lynn said that she had a dog but it was an only half-German shepherd. So I told her that I had a small kennel and that they were German Shepherd show dogs.  Then I asked her if she would like to see the dogs. So she said yes that she was good with that.. so we arranged that the next afternoon I would meet her at the gas station on Hwy 24 and she would follow me in her car to Orton.

So the next day at work at Butlers I would think about Lynn and would get a boner. This happened a lot throughout the day. Finally, as  the day wore  it was time to clock out so I was able to high tail  it along  Hwy 24 towards  Guelph and the gas station,

When I got to the gas station, there Lynn was waiting for me. She got in her car and followed me to Orton. It was about half an hour run.  When we got to the house I went inside and I grabbed a couple of beers. I then showed her around the two acres. So  at that time, I had three adult dogs two males and one female along with four pups

I introduced her to Wotan, and another male Tojo.  I also had a female and her 4 puppies running loose in a pen.  Lynn absolutely adored the pups. she played with them for a bit, and eventually, after meeting the dogs we went back in the house.

We sat there for a while talking and we had another beer. I  found out that her full name was Lynn Foster and that she was a student at the University Of Guelph and that her family lived in Kingston Ontario. I casually asked her if she was on the pill, she nodded yes. 

After that, we went into the bedroom whereupon I started to feel up those two beauties from behind. She was an extremely pretty girl with long shoulder length jet black wavy hair. I took off her tank top which I had been dying to do for months.  With my hands on her breasts, they felt just absolutely wonderful.  Beyond wonderful…….. She had big breasts alright but small nipples.

It was not long before we were stripped off and I was admiring her with my hand’s eyes and lips. She lay back on the bed while my lips and hands ran all over her from her breasts down to her pubic area.  On her cunt, she had black crinkly hair which I proceeded to delve into with my tongue. I followed that up with some serious clit sucking. By now she was screaming down the fucking house.

I put my arms under her hips reached up and .gently hung onto her boobs.. and I was in heaven. Lynn absolutely loved me doing all that shit,so much so that she rewarded me with a blow job we then followed this up with some serious fucking. Even doing it doggy style what else……….Wow Yes, Lynn Foster!

Lynn had a gorgeous little English sport ca an  MG Midget. One day I said to Lynn in casual conversation,

“This is a nice car how much did you pay for it.?” She kinda blushed up at first then she told me the story of the car. I just filled in the blanks myself.

Lynn was seeing this guy who lived on a farm. on the farm was a barn and in the barn was this  MG Midget that needed some work done on it. the guy was in love with her so he gave her the car.

Next, she then said that she was going out with a car mechanic who rebuilt the engine for her. Other guys after that, that she dated contributed towards the car. The electronics,   the seats needed re -doing and finally another guy that she dated painted it a metallic bronze………What I got out of all that was this. She fucked all those guys and landed up with a great little car. nice work if you can get it. And she did, get it that is!

I saw Lynn off and on, on a regular basis for six to nine months. I canny remember what happened to her she just fell off the planet. maybe she went back to Kingston 

One other thing about Lynn was this. A few years down the road I was taking a photography course at Conestoga College. We had to take in some slides to class and put them up on the screen. So I didn’t have many slides so I took some in of Lynn that I had taken and put them on screen. once up there was more than a few wow’s in the class when they saw her up there. Yes, she was a very pretty girl indeed ….. With Big Tits!

I was going through a slow period in time when it came to women. Back then there were no computer dating services. But, one day an ad in the local newspaper caught my eye. so I read it then I noticed that there was more than one ad. So I marked four of them and went out and bought four nice looking cards. I brought them home and I wrote some headings on the left side of the page.

I wrote headings,  BLUE EYES, FAIR HAIR, INTERESTS, LIKES DISLIKES, SEX,, PHONE NUMBER.  and so on. then I filled in the blanks. besides sex, I wrote, ” yes Please ” .  I filled out all four cards I wrote a box number on each one. and took them to the local newspaper.

A few days later I got some phone calls from the women who had placed the ads. So this time I said after chatting for a few minutes Why don’t we meet for coffee somewhere. They all agreed and I made arrangements to see them at different Tim Horton locations

So I went to Tim Horton’s early got a coffee and went and sat and looked out of the window. I each case I would hear

” Bryan”?

And I looked up expecting a Marilyn Monroe to be standing there. But in all four cases, there was only Olive Oil standing there. Right from the get-go, I knew that none of these women were for me. So did I out and out dump them right away!  absolutely not. I chatted to them all then I would slowly insert the fact that they and I did not have any common interest. I always made sure that they and I parted good friends. The simple reason for this was this.

If I was to meet them in the future somewhere. and they had a good looking woman with them, I could go up to them and say

“how it’s going?” and I would be in, to talk to the other woman with her. To be honest with all this planning, this scenario never did not occur.  But I will tell you this When I was single again if I was on a blind date I would avoid going to a nice restaurant and pay out a good buck and be not interested in the party sitting across the table from me. I learnt this from a few bad experiences.

So now my game plan was a basic meet at the coffee shop. But I would make sure to be their early, buy just one coffee and that is that. So service to say this “Meet me at the  coffee shop.” The restaurant deal and the meeting at the coffee was a way to save money, A 1.50 for a coffee was a hell of a lot cheaper than a four-course meal sitting with somebody that did not appeal to me and knowing that I was going to have to be a gentleman and pay up.

After about three years on my own. A guy Rick Burgess from the Butler tool room set me up with a date with a Lab Tech from the KW hospital. A girl named Peggy Crawford. Can’t remember where we went on the first date, but somewhere along the way, we went to the Charcoal Steakhouse in Kitchener.

Peggy at the time was 22 and I was 36 . after The restaurant we went back to her place .for the usual bunk up and blowjobs. After some time we moved into an apartment in Kitchener on 6th avenue. We stayed there and eventually moved into a fourplex in the south end of Cambridge. Where we stayed for about a year.

Peggy was a high-level figure skating judge. So on the weekends in the winter we would go to the likes of Sarnia stay at a hotel and she would be judging young figure skaters. She was not judging alone there would be six or eight judges on the panel.  We would travel down on a Friday night and there would be a hospitality suite with food and booze. I liked to talk to the judges they were on a totally different planet than the Newfies and Portuguese that I had to deal with every day at work. not that there was anything wrong with them, they were fun to work with once you got to know them. they were good-hearted people.


One Sunday we were out for a drive at the south end of Cambridge and we pulled into this show home.I was looking at the plans for this small subdivision in West Galt. Then I noticed on the lot plans one lot was 250 foot deep. So I asked the sales girl if this was a right. she said yes. with a house aeon the property, it would be $ 43,000 So we left a $500.00 deposit on it.

16 Byton Lane.  So that’s where we set up shop. and got married on the 16th of August. It was alright at first. But Peggy wanted to change carers and to go from being a lab tech to an accountant. I didn’t have a problem with her changing careers, but all this meant that She was either at school in Hamilton at Mac Master or in the evening s or at home studying.

So I was asked by my friend at Butlers, Dennis Bedard to go down to the old Cambridge ‘ y “this was in 1984 where I took gym classes or played racquetball

So twice a week in the evenings I went to keep fit classes. And then eventually I started to play racquetball.   The first game of racquetball  I played an English guy Len Tudor. Len was the top of the C ladder. Well, I chased that ball around till I was almost ill. It took me four days to recover. Nine months later I beat Len and then went over to the B  ladder. There were about 20 guys on the B  ladder.

Slowly  I worked my way up the ladder. till I was almost at the top when we had a  ‘Y” tournament. I was about 5 from the top of the B  ladder. Well, I won the B level in the tournament. so shortly after that I won the B level ladder and moved over to the A level player. But by now I was playing at the Kitchener Y and in the B level. The players were of a higher calibre which I relished. So now I was playing a much higher level of Racquetball.and of course my level of play improved. So not only was I taking keep fit classes I was playing racquetball almost every day and here’s the secrete I was running 5k every morning.

There I was waiting to go on court to play a league match, one time. When I got talking to this young guy. So I said who are you playing he said that he didn’t know who it was but he was an old geyser. So when he stepped onto the racquetball court He was playing me.   I made him run for every ball and hardly gave him a point. Because of my 5k run every morning plus the use of weights he was not going to outrun me.

So I got quite good at racquetball ball I eventually used to win the ” B ” league in the Kitchener YMCA.

I got good enough at racquetball that now and again I would enter into racquetball tournaments. I  was 50 plus at the time. But my ego made me go in the over 35. Even then being older than  35 I didn’t want to be beaten by somebody in my own age group. 50 -55 years of age. So I would rather bow out in the semi-finals than be beaten by someone in my own age group.

One of my very good friends Emad who just past. One day asked me to go to Stoney Creek to play two of his customers. So I went with him. I didn’t know it at the time they both expected to beat the pair of us.

So Emad directed traffic on the court, told me to play up front or stay back. well, we trashed the pair of them. Three games to zip .so they had to pay for supper. Then the two guys asked if they could play us next week.

They said, ” We had an off night!”

Emad said” Sure”.

The following week the same again. three nothing which equalled a free supper.  Emad was over the moon. I was pretty happy too.

One other time I got a big kick out of racquetball was we went to a tournament in Stratford well the first round I was drawn against the first man that I ever played, Len Tudor who was now living in Stratford.  Well, I smoked him and went on to win the tournament. I played a lot more tournaments but I never won another one, but the thrill of playing to me was the best.

Unfortunately, I had to retire from racket sports as I landed up with bad feet. If  I played one evening I could hardly walk the next morning.

Around an uneventful marriage, I wanted out. Peggy was putting on weight. I went to B shift and dreaded her coming home on a Friday evening. As I only worked 4 ten-hour shifts. Monday thro’ Thursday. So Fridays I didn’t work.

So after 9 and a half years, I called it. The thrill was gone, my attitude was this. I am not going to be in a relationship that I absolutely hated. You only come this way once. No repeats . in the end I would say that it was better for both of us.

It was a shame really as the house on Byton lane was really nice. The yard was 250 feet deep and we did a lot to it. There was a lot of spruce and pine trees and good landscaping. On the back of the house, we had added a deck p[lus a sunroom. but in the end, it was all for nought!









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