Chapter 21: Pat

So after Peggy, I was on my own for 11 years. Did I ever get lonely not that I can recall we sold the house on Byton Lane and I moved to The Glen on Salisbury Avenue I originally wanted a three-bedroom condo, but the only one available was a 4 bedroom condo in The Glenn complex  I was not too worried as I at the time considered it an investment? this turned out to be wrong, as when I did come to sell the housing market was in a real slump.

And I landed up selling the unit for twenty grand less than when I bought it. Plus I had for 10 years been paying off the mortgage.

Post Peggy. The first girl that I went out with was Heather. I used to like to hang out at the Kiwi Pub., in downtown Galt. I was in there one weekend night. The place was packed so I sat at a table with a woman that I knew from somewhere, can’t remember where. But she had a woman sitting with her, a friend of hers her name was Heather. Well, it turned out that Heather was from Toronto and was visiting for the weekend. So I shoehorned my way in for the evening. It turned out that Heather was a single mom so towards the end of the evening we arranged for me to go down and see her the following weekend. 

I had just recently bought a silver Mazda Presidia it was a small car with a V6 engine in it. That baby could fly. When I went to pick it up at the dealership they brought it out to the front at the dealership, everybody came out from the showroom and had a look at it.

I treated that baby like it was a baby. regular oil changes synthetic oil. Washed it once a week. I was devastated when I got T- Boned by a GM Firebird. The car was a write-off. I got $555.55 for it.

 Back to Heather. So I went down to Toronto and met up with Heather. We hit it off so. I did that for about a year I would guess. Then Heather decided to move, yes she moved to Cambridge of all places. So Heather bought a house on Nutcracker Drive in Cambridge. Almost as soon as Heather was in Cambridge The wheels started to fall off of the cart. With Heather living in Cambridge, it was not the same as her living in Toronto.and after a while I stopped going over to see her.

We could have got together permanently but it was not for me. She had a younger son and an older daughter, Melisa who was in her late teens. We got along really well. I could foresee trouble down the road   I thought that’s all I need.  Time to move on.   

Over the years sometimes something inside of me tells me to move on……So I do!

At the Cambridge old Y, there was a couple that I chummed around with. Stu and Michelle well they had a friend  Pat who was from the islands Trinidad and Tobago.

So we all hung out together during this period of time Stu and his girlfriend and Pat and I. Eventually, they got married and they moved on.  So that left just Pat and me.  after some time even that relationship fell off the rails. It was the beginning of the end when one weekday night I had to show her how to operate the microwave I spent at least an hour a night for a week showing her. At the end of that time, I realized that she had no Math skills, so, thereby making it hard to get by day by day.

What Pat lacked in microwave skills she made up for in the blow job department. She loved doing it  and I was not going to complain,  no not at all

Pat had a sister in the banking world, Pat’s sister came to Canada with her mother, therefore missing no school. I found out that Pat was left in Trinidad and Tobago by her mother from the age of 6 until she was 12 when her mother sent for her. So what happened to her in the 6 years she was left behind is anybody’s guess. But they were important years when it comes to education, which she will or never did get back.

I got the gist of what happened to her, Nothing. She was allowed to play every day with no schooling

 When I met Pat she had a job here in Cambridge but was fired, it was a job that called for simple math, so there you go. I spent a few years with Pat because she was fun to be with, and nobody had a bigger heart the Pat. Nobody. But eventually, I moved on……………………………..



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