Chapter 22: in 2017

    In 2017 when I was retired. I went with my daughter Michaella to a Trillium Metal stamping Christmas “ Do”. I took Michaella with me as Mitzi my wife was sick. I was talking to Scott Zinger my immediate tool room supervisor, we were talking about the company and about where it was going. He went on to tell me that they were putting on an. extension to the plant. Then right out of the Blue, he told me that I was the only guy that he had ever met that “ Got It “ when it came to the Auto industry. I then thought back to when on occasions that Bill the Trillium toolroom foreman would ask me about certain projects that he was working on. He would show me what he was doing and what he was trying to achieve and he would ask what I thought. Most of what he showed me was old school, trying to make something out of nothing. The projects usually looked like they did not amount to much. But in the end, they would “ Do the Job “

     In all of these projects of Bills, there was one thing missing for sure.” Urgency”  there never seemed to be any urgency with any of Bill’s projects, which was a thing that I was used to dealing with at the likes of Butler Metals. Things for the like of G.M. and Chrysler had to be done yesterday, not anytime soon.

    When I was hired on at Trillium I  had been there a few weeks, and I was talking to Dave Hickey who I worked with at Butler Metals.

    Prior to me starting work at Trillium Metal Stampings They told  Dave who had worked in the press shop at Butlers. that they were going to hire on a  Tool and Die guy from Butlers.  Dave asked them who they were going to hire they said that it came down to two guys. Bryan Rogers and Bob Williams. so Dave said who did you hire. They said we were thinking of Bob Williams. Dave said right away,

“You are making a mistake,”

Dave told them I was the best. You should have hired me instead.  So Trillium changed their mind and I was hired on.   I guess on reflection I ended up being respected by my peers in the auto industry.

I was at Trillium for nearly eight years. I was on steady afternoons and I ran the tool room. the job was a snap. I was on my own. Over the years I only asked Scot Zigger my immediate boss to come in and give me a hand because parts were needed for the morning and I needed a hand because I was swamped. After running 65 presses and equipment at  Butler Metals then your down to about 14 presses life was ok.

Shortly after being at Trillium for a while Scott asked me to start to split some large dies that were made and that had come from China. there was about 10 of them. So when I came in the next afternoon Scot said to me how did you split all these dies so fast. I had split each die and put the upper and lowere dies on pedestals Well it seems that did not know how to use the two cranes together to split larger dies. At first, Scot did not believe me, but once I showed him how to do it he never looked back. trilium to my way of thinking was just an extention of Butler Metals.


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